FIR: Field Issuance Remodel Program

The Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) Program streamlines the permit and inspection process for Oregon-licensed contractors and architects who perform recurring residential alterations, additions, and accessory structures on one or two-family dwellings.
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The FIR Program facilitates plan review and inspection with:

  • In-person, onsite consultations.
  • Single point of contact. Work with a single inspector to do all process management, plan reviews, and inspections for each project.

The FIR Program does not relax code requirements or provide lower standards of plan review or inspection services than those required by Oregon State law or the Portland City Code.

Learn about the benefits of the Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) program at Portland Development Services. Featuring Shane Patrick of Neil Kelly Company, Richard De Wolf of Arciform, and David Lipkind of Shelbyville Remodeling.

Who is eligible to join the FIR Program?

The FIR Program serves Oregon-licensed contractors, architects, and engineers who perform recurring alteration and addition work.

How the FIR Program works

When you join the FIR Program, you will work with one Senior Combination Inspector for the entire life of your project.

The benefit of working with one inspector from the planning stages to inspection is you’ll get a flexible, efficient, and solutions-based approach to permitting your project.

Your inspector will be your main point of contact for all stages of permitting and inspections through the FIR Program.

  1. Pre-construction consultation
  2. Pre-design consultations, if desired
  3. Site meetings
  4. Process management assistance in reviews from other City bureaus
  5. Plan review
  6. Inspections

Learn about projects that can be permitted through the FIR Program.

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FIR Program Guide

For more details on what types of projects are allowed, service delivery methods, contractor rights and responsibilities, and more, see the Field Issuance Remodel Program Guide.