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Residential Permits and Structural Requirements

Get information about structural requirements for residential projects in the City of Portland.

The structural requirements for residential projects may be either prescriptive or engineered. In prescriptive design, the ORSC (Oregon Residential Specialty Code) defines a conservative method of construction to resist vertical and lateral loads. In engineered design, an engineer licensed in the State of Oregon prepares engineering calculations and drawings that demonstrate how the structure resists vertical and lateral loads.

View the current State Building Codes and Rules. Refer to commercial permits for information regarding engineered residential design.

The following are design values that may be used for prescriptive residential design:

Wind: Applicable design wind pressure is 18 psf (ASD).
Seismic: Applicable Seismic Design Category is D1.

Solar installations

Residential non-prescriptive solar

Underpinning using slender piles

Deferred Submittals

Click here for information, guidelines and requirements for deferred submittals.


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