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Residential and Commercial Inspections During COVID-19

Find out more information about how residential and commercial inspections are being conducted during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Residential and commercial inspections

Additional considerations for residential inspections

For residential inspections during the COVID-19 health emergency, the following practices are being implemented to protect the health of our inspection staff and customers:

  • We are limiting daily scheduled inspections to accommodate staff shortages.
  • We are temporarily postponing non-critical inspections that require entry into occupied homes in an effort to protect our staff and customers.
  • If there is anyone exhibiting signs of illness at the inspection site, we ask that customers wait to schedule their inspection until at least 72 hours after symptoms have passed.

Residential inspections will be performed as scheduled on:

  • New construction (structure must be vacated of personnel during Inspection)
  • Remodels or additions where access into the occupied structure is not required (structure must be vacated of personnel during the inspection)
  • Inspections in occupied homes where the customer is able to provide inspection access using FaceTime or Skype

If you previously had an inspection and need reinspections, please use our Remote Video Reinspection program for quick results to prevent project delays.