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The Portland Development Services is offering video permit inspections for occupied homes and buildings. FaceTime or Google Duo is required. In this article, we'll show you how to prepare for your video inspection. Get information about preparing for residential and commercial video inspections.
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Video inspections for occupied properties

Generally, when a property or building is "occupied" it means that people live or gather in that space. Even when they are not physically present, an occupied building is still considered occupied. For example, when you go to the grocery store, your home is still occupied even if no one is present in your home.

To maintain the minimum 6-feet of physical distance between people whenever possible, video inspections allow our staff and customers to follow the COVID-19 public health guidelines in occupied spaces.

Requirements for video inspection

  1. Internet connection that is strong and reliable
  2. A mobile phone that is fully charged
  3. FaceTime or Skype ready on your mobile phone
  4. City-approved plans at the project site
  5. Someone who is at least 18-years of age is on site to perform the video inspection

Materials (recommended)

  • Flashlight
  • Measuring tape
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) tester
  • OSHA approved ladder

Day of inspection

You will receive a call from your inspector on the day of your inspection to confirm the time of your appointment. Let the inspector know if you have an Apple iPhone or an Android phone.

Do you use an Android phone?

If you have an Android phone, download Google Duo on your mobile device and set up your Google Duo account. 

Do you use an Apple iPhone?

You may choose to use FaceTime or Google Duo for your virtual inspection. Google Duo may be downloaded to your mobile device, with account setup required. No set-up is required for FaceTime. Your inspector will call Apple iPhone users with your chosen appat the time of your inspection. 

Note about Skype

Note: As of July 31, 2021, Skype is no longer be an option for video calls. Facetime or Google Duo are the supported software for virtual inspections.  

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