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Request an Inspection Online or by Phone

Schedule a permit inspection. Book an inspection online or by phone. Start here for online inspection scheduling. If you got a permit online through Development Hub, you can book your permit inspection online, too. You can also call to schedule inspections.

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The last step of the permit is getting the required inspections for final approval.  There are two ways to schedule your inspection. 

Book an inspection online

 If you got your permit online through Development Hub, you can schedule your inspection online. 

  • After you sign into the Development Hub, find the permit under the my permits section.
  • Select detail, then Processes/Inspection.
  • Select the inspection you want to schedule.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Select the date and add any important information (example: dog on premise).
  • Select schedule.

Book an inspection by phone 

By calling the Request an Inspection Line you will access the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. You can use this system to:

  • Schedule/cancel/reschedule inspection
  • Get inspection results and messages from inspectors
  • Get plan review status via fax
  • Hear a list of scheduled inspections
  • Buy more inspections

To schedule an inspection: 

  • Call the Request an Inspection line
  • Enter your IVR number (your permit number)
  • Enter the three-digit inspection code 
  • Enter your phone number the inspector can use to reach you or plan location and lockbox code
  • Select morning or afternoon  

The IVR system will schedule the first available inspection date for you. To reschedule or cancel an inspection, call no later than 6 a.m. on the scheduled inspection date. If you call between 6-8 a.m., you'll need to call back after 8 a.m. to speak to inspections.

Find out your inspection time and inspector's name on the daily residential inspections. This is posted daily after 8:15am weekdays. 

There must be an adult over the age 18 to let the inspector inside.

All permits need the “999 Final Permit” inspection. Your permit will be "Final Approved" until you get this inspection.  Without the “999 Final Permit” inspection, the permit will be “under inspection.” 

Get the results of an inspection 

Once the inspector finishes the inspection, get the results by calling the Requests for Inspection and Inspection Results phone number. You can also search for your permit on Portland Maps to get the results the next day. 

If your inspection was not approved, the inspector will list the corrections needed on the inspection report.  After making the corrections, you will need to schedule a reinspection. There are no separate codes for reinspections.  Use the same three digit inspection code. 

If you make the corrections the same day wait until 5 pm to request a reinspection. The inspector needs to enter their results before you can schedule the reinspection.

There is a reinspection fee charged for more than one reinspection for a single issue.