Repairing property damage from weather events

This photo shows a house with roof damage from a fallen tree.
Many homes and businesses sustain damage in storms and other natural disasters. Here is information to help you find resources to fix damage to your property.
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Here is what to do if your property was damaged by one of the following methods

  • By a falling tree:
  • By a downed power line:
    • For Portland General Electric customers: Please notify PGE on the PGE Mobile App or call its customer service team at 800-542-8818. (More information from PGE on repairing damage from electrical wires is here.)
    • For Pacific Power customers: Call 888-221-7070 to report the downed powerline.
  • By a ruptured water pipe:
  • By other means: Report the incident to your insurance company and follow its instructions for filing a claim.

Contact your insurance company to file a claim to repair the damage.

If you do not have insurance, you will likely need to pay for your own repairs.

If you have a claims question or a concern with your insurance company, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation (DFR) has consumer advocates who can help. Call 888-877-4894 or visit the DFR website for help.

Share your damage assessment information with the City of Portland.

The City of Portland collects damage assessment data to understand the scope of property damage from a weather event. This information informs requests for resources from state and federal disaster recovery agencies.

Share information about damage to your property

Dispose of debris

Learn more about home repair and home ownership services.

The Portland Housing Bureau offers information for homeowners who need help fixing and keeping ownership of their houses.

Hire a contractor, licensed to do business in Oregon, to perform needed repair work.

More information about finding a licensed contractor can be found:

Beware of scams

The State of Oregon provides a resource guide in English and Spanish to help identify, avoid and report possible scams after a natural disaster.

What kinds of repair work require permits?

In an emergency, the following types of work can begin on an existing structure. But you must notify the Building Official within 72 hours and submit a permit application in the next five business days:

  • Temporary (for up to 180 days) structural supports
  • Structural replacement or repairs
  • Mechanical equipment replacements and repairs

I’m a renter and my housing unit sustained damage. What do I do?

  • If your housing unit was damaged by the weather event, please notify your landlord or their representative. Their insurance company can assess and repair damage.
  • If you have renter's insurance that covers your personal possessions that were damaged by the weather, contact your insurance company to discuss your options, including filing a claim.
  • If you feel you cannot live in your housing unit due to damage from the weather:
    • Discuss alternative living arrangements with your landlord
    • Reach out to nearby friends or family, or
    • Seek a hotel or shelter.

I can’t live in my home, I don’t have nearby friends or relatives to stay with, and I can’t afford a hotel room. What can I do?

During extended weather events or prolonged power outages, the Red Cross helps support sheltering and services provided by county emergency managers and other partners. If you have been displaced due to damage to your home:

  • Call the Red Cross Duty Officer line at 888-680-1455 or the national line at 1-800-RED-CROSS,
  • Or go to to find more information about a shelter nearest to you.
  • You can also download the Red Cross disaster app by going to

You can also call 2-1-1 or visit to find information about available shelters.

Information about septic systems

  • Septic tanks and drainfields can be damaged by uprooted trees and other effects of severe weather.
  • Septic systems can also be damaged by heavy equipment that can bend or crush their components.
  • If your property has an onsite septic system and you are having repairs completed on your home, please clearly mark (flag or stake out) the locations of the septic system components to prevent them from being damaged. These components include the septic tank and drainfield as well as the replacement drainfield.
  • If you need help finding the location of your septic system, please:
  • If you need more information about permits needed to repair your septic system, please visit this page.