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Property Line Adjustments

Learn more and apply for a property line adjustment in the City of Portland. Move lot lines, relocate lot lines and get information about a common lot line.

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A property line adjustment procedure is used to relocate a single existing common property line between two abutting lots or lots of records. No additional lots or building sites may be created.  

Property line adjustment applications must include surveys and written legal descriptions which have been prepared by a licensed surveyor in the State of Oregon. Chapter 33.667, Property Line Adjustments, outlines the zoning code requirements for all property line adjustments.  

Apply for a property line adjustment 

A complete property line adjustment application submittal includes:

  • Four (4) copies of the attached application form with original signatures of all property owners, the site legal description and other requested information. Original signatures for all property owners must be provided on one of the required copies of this form.
    Note: Proof of signer authorization is required for a company, LLC, corporation, Trust, or other ownership that is not an individual person(s) ownership. Please provide the Articles of Incorporation, Trust document, or Secretary of State document showing that the person signing is authorized to sign for the company, trust, or corporation.
  • Four (4) full size copies of a survey that is performed, stamped and signed by a registered land surveyor. The property line to be relocated and the new property line must be clearly illustrated.
  • Four (4) copies of the legal description for each adjusted lot and the area to be exchanged prepared and signed by a surveyor in compliance with the “Information For Surveyors” listed below.
  • One (1) full size copy of a survey showing existing development, including structures and paved areas prepared and signed by a registered surveyor to meet Zoning Code Section 33.667.200.B.3.
  • One (1) full size copy of a Site Utility Plan, including water, sanitary sewer and stormwater facilities prepared and signed by a registered surveyor to show compliance with Zoning Code Section 33.667.300.E. For more information about preparing the Utility Plan, refer to "Preparing a Stormwater Management Utility Plan" handout.
  • Application fee

Things to remember about property line adjustments 

Since property line adjustments move and reconfigure existing property lines, it is important to remember the following:

  • A property line adjustment does not vacate a plat nor does it add lot lines or create a new lot. The number of lots after the property line adjustment may not exceed the number of lots before the property line adjustment. A land division is required to create an additional lot. A Replat can be used to consolidate and move existing lot lines.
  • A property line adjustment can't alter the availability of existing services to a site.
  • The adjusted lots must meet zoning code requirements such as lot depth, width and area of the underlying base zone.
  • All development standards (e.g., setbacks, building coverage, minimum parking, etc.) are reviewed during the property line adjustment process. The property line adjustment cannot cause existing development to move out of conformance with development standards.
  • Applications must meet all the standards of 
  • Off-street parking may not be eliminated or reduced below the code requirements.
  • The minimum required setbacks must be provided.
  • Any necessary adjustments must be granted prior to approval of a property line adjustment.
  • No more than three property line adjustments on a site may be requested per calendar year.
  • Concurrent property line adjustments must be approved and recorded one at a time, in sequence.
  • The actual property line is not officially moved until a deed to transfer the title is recorded with the county and a survey is filed in which the property is located.

When a property line adjustment can't be used 

A property line adjustment may not be used to create:

  • Street-frontage for a land-locked parcel
  • A lot that is in more than one base zone
  • A lot that cannot meet the general development standards of Chapter 33.430, Environmental Overlay zones
  • A nonconforming situation
  • A buildable property from an unbuildable lot remnant
  • flag lot

You may combine a lot confirmation with a property line adjustment to re-establish a previously platted property line and then move it.

Property line adjustment application, fees and forms 

 Complete this form to apply for a property line adjustment.

 Information regarding the process of applying for a property line adjustment.

Questions? For further assistance with the land use and zoning regulations that apply to your site, please contact Planning and Zoning.


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