Stay home. Save lives. Portland enters phase 1 of reopening.

Property Compliance Services During COVID-19 

Learn more information about property compliance inspections and enforcement during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Visit the Property Compliance homepage for more detailed information.

Important announcement regarding waivers and liens

In response to the COVID-19 health emergency, we are applying a waiver to all active enforcement cases, and new cases, which have not yet begun receiving enforcement fees, in an effort to minimize negative impacts and additional stress for Portland property owners.

NOTE: Older, existing cases that were already receiving monthly billings for code enforcement fees prior to the COVID-19 outbreak will continue to receive invoices as this is an automated process through the Revenue Bureau; however, property owners are invited to submit a request for a Lien Reduction Review, once all violations have been corrected and the enforcement case is closed, in order to see if they may qualify for additional waivers or reductions.

For existing cases requesting formal lien reviews, we also revised our current review process to provide additional reductions to lessen the financial impact for all property owners and most importantly homeowners.

Erosion Control and Demolition Inspections

BDS is performing Erosion Control and Demolition inspections for active permits at this time for vacant properties only, following physical distancing requirements or performing remote video inspections using Facetime or Skype.

Compliance and Enforcement Inspections

Other enforcement inspections are performed on a limited basis as follows:

  • Zoning and Nuisance inspections: Exterior complaints only.
  • Dangerous Buildings, Violation Emergency Condition cases, and EDPEP cases: Inspections are made only if the property is vacant, if we can maintain the mandatory physical distancing of 6 feet or if we can perform the inspection via remote video through Facetime or Skype.
  • Emergency Violation cases: New and existing cases are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if we are able to provide services in compliance with physical distancing criteria.
  • Housing Cases: For new cases, we are only inspecting critical and emergency issues at this time, performing inspections via remote video through Facetime or Skype to comply with physical distancing. For existing cases, we are only inspecting exterior conditions or limited interior repairs if able to perform inspection via remote video through Facetime or Skype also to comply with physical distancing.

Submitting Complaints

All complaints are accepted and reviewed. All non-critical, non-health related and non-emergency cases will be inspected after Governor Brown’s Executive Order is lifted and our office returns to normal activities.