September 2, 2021 Applicant Update

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Reminder: One Upload Version per Resubmit

Please upload one new version of a drawing or document during the Resubmit Task. Multiple version uploads during a review cycle can become confusing to the reviewer. 

How to upload updated files:

Resubmit Training Video (4:48) (YouTube)

Training Refresh: Applicant Resubmit

The Applicant Resubmit process has many steps and can become tricky. Refresh your training of the Resubmit process by checking out the resources below:

Applicant Resubmit Guide

Resubmit Training Video (YouTube)

Update to Known Issue: Resubmit Received Task Reviews Out of Order

The All Unresolved Items Report is used to see review comments (Changemarks, library comments) in an unresolved status for a current project. If you used this report in the past, you might have noticed that reviews appear out of order on the All Unresolved Items report. The vendor, Avolve, has confirmed that this issue only impacts projects created before May 17th, the date ProjectDox 9.2 went live. Projects created after May 17th will appear in the correct order. 

Training Materials

To learn more about ProjectDox 9.2, please watch our Applicant Training Video Series and read our User Guide.

Applicant Training Videos

Applicant User Guide


Please email the ePlans team.

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