Pre-issuance List

Pre-issuance Process Basics

Pre-issuance is the last review of your project

  • You can review the status of your permit on PortlandMaps. Once pre-issuance is assigned, the permit technician contact information will be viewable.
  • Staff reviews plans to determine what changes were made and ensure that those changes do not impact another review.
  • If changes occur during the review process that were NOT identified earlier, the affected reviewers will be notified – this will show on PortlandMaps as ‘Hold see comments’
  • Review that fees are accurate.

Timeframe for the pre-issuance process

  • Due to the current health emergency, the majority of Permitting Services staff are working from home with limited access to City resources. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.
  • This review is completed in chronological order based upon the sign off date of the last technical review.
  • The number of changes to the plan, the complexity of the project and the communication of the changes made to the plan can delay this process. 
  • Once your pre-issuance check is completed, we contact the Applicant listed on the project and inform them the permit is ready to issue along with outstanding fees due.

Thank you for your patience!