Permitting Services from Other City of Portland Bureaus

Learn more about how to apply for permits and receive inspections from Environmental Services, Fire and Rescue, Parks and Recreation, Transportation and Water.

Environmental Services permitting services

Right-of-Way (ROW) UR and UC Permits (Lateral Repairs and Sewer Connections):

  • Email completed applications to In the email subject line, state the number of applications, your company name and date sent (for example: “3 Apps – SewerFixers – March 23”). Provide a clear description of ROW permit work, contractor CCB license number, PBOT Insurance and Bond Numbers (from PBOT Utility Permitting:
  • Wait for BES to respond to your application. More information or coordination with other City bureaus may be needed. Once your permit is approved to issue, BES will email you IVR#s to pay at Development Hub PDX.
  • After paying, you must reply to BES (in same email chain with your IVRs) confirming that you have paid. BES will then email your issued permits so you can start work. PBOT ROW Inspection contact information will be on the issued permits.

Expect BES UR and UC permit processing to take 5-7 days or more.

Note: BES ROW Trades is not reviewing or forwarding PT applications with, or for, private property work. Submit separate PT applications to BDS:

Portland Fire and Rescue permitting services

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office: For questions about a property or project, please call 503-823-3712 or email to
  • Permit-related inspections will continue and can be scheduled online or via phone at 503-823-1199. If there is anyone exhibiting signs of illness at the inspections site, please wait to schedule the inspection.
  • Questions: Please call 503-823-3770 or for permit-related or fire inspection questions.

Parks and Recreation (Urban Forestry) tree permitting services

Regarding tree permitting, tree emergency response, and tree management in Portland:

  • Tree emergency response for public roads and City properties continues.
  • Tree planting, establishment, and other maintenance activities remain high service priorities.
  • All tree permitting applications are being accepted and processed as outlined below:
    • While the Permit Center is closed, applications are accepted via DevHub or by mail. Same Day Permits replaces Urban Forestry permits that can be issued over the counter without an on-site inspection.
    • Applications must be complete and an email received prior to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Urban Forestry community outreach and education programs are available online at our Get Involved page. For those searching for research projects or ideas, please email

Please submit permit applications through DevHub or via mail:
PP&R Urban Forestry Division
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 5000
Portland, OR 97201

For questions, please contact Urban Forestry by emailing or calling the Tree Hotline at 503-823-TREE (8733). Web alerts are available here.

Transportation temporary street use permits 

For information about temporary street use permits (the temporary closure of a street, lane, or sidewalk, and parking reservations), please visit

Water permitting services 

  • Fee statement requests: We continue to accept fee statement requests through the usual process: email a completed W-6 form to with the words “fee statement request” and the site address in the subject line. Turnaround time will be 3-5 business days in most circumstances. You will be notified if the expected turnaround time will be longer.
  • Payment of Fee Statements: We are no longer able to process payments made directly to the Water Bureau. We will now take payments only online through DevHub or by phone at the BDS Cashier (call 503-823-5161).
    • If you already have received a fee statement from the Water Bureau, please contact us at to request a unique IVR number that will allow you to make a payment through DevHub.
    • If you are requesting a new fee statement, we will automatically create and send you the unique IVR number that will allow you to make a payment through DevHub. DevHub accepts credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as electronic check/ACH transfers.
  • Installation of Services: Water Bureau crews are continuing to install services but are operating with a reduced workforce. Please allow additional time for your service installation to be completed. After your fee statement has been paid, you can schedule your installation by emailing our Scheduling group at or calling 503-823-1526.
  • Water Utility Locates: Water Bureau locators are continuing to provide locate services but are operating with a reduced workforce. Please allow additional time for the requested locates to be completed. To request locates, please dial 811, the Oregon Utility Notification Center (OUNC). If you have an urgent need for Water locates, please email us at and describe your situation.