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Where to Apply or Pay for Permits and Reviews

The City accepts many different types of permit and plan review applications. Find out where to send your permit application request and where to purchase a permit. Find out if you can pay for your permit online, by email or in person.

In-person drop-off is limited. Read more about how to set up an appointment to drop off permit plans in person.

Where to Apply or Pay for BDS Permits, Applications and Reviews

BureauPermit, Application or Review TypeWhere should I apply?
BDSResidential & Commercial Electrical PermitsApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSResidential & Commercial Mechanical PermitsApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSResidential & Commercial Plumbing PermitsApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSCommercial Building Permit Application Request Submit on Development Hub PDX
BDSResidential Building Permit Application RequestSubmit on Development Hub PDX
BDSSite Development Permits Apply on Development Hub PDX
BDSDevelopment ReviewApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSZoning PermitsApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSPermit Revision ApplicationsApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSDeferred SubmittalsApply on Development Hub PDX
BDSEarly Assistance - Land Use Apply via email - instructions available here.
BDSDesign Advice RequestApply via email instructions available here.
BDSPre-Application ConferencesApply via email - information available here
BDSZoning Confirmation & Land Use CompatibilityApply via email - instructions available here. 
BDSFinal Plat Apply via email - instructions available here
BDSLand Use Review Apply via email - instructions available here.
BDSSolar PermitsApply via email - instructions available here
BDSMuralsApply via email - instructions available here.
BDSHome Occupation Permits Instructions available here.
BDSShort-Term RentalsInstructions available here
BDSSign PermitsInstructions available here.
BDSProcess Managed Permits (Major Projects Group)Application materials available here.
BDSField Issuance Remodel (FIR)Instructions to apply for FIR available here. 
BDSFacilities Permit Program (FPP)Instructions to apply for FPP available here. 

Pay for services from other City bureaus on Development Hub PDX

Urban Forestry (UF) Payments 

Urban ForestrySelf-Issued Pruning
Urban ForestryRemoval / Replant Permit
Urban ForestryRoot Pruning

Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Payments 

Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) Payments 

Fire & Life Safety Payments 

Fire & Life SafetyFire Systems Permit

Water Bureau Permits & Payments

WaterSystem Development Charges
WaterMiscellaneous Fees