Research recent permit applications and land use intakes

Find information about recent permits and land use reviews. Get up-to-date information about demolition delays. Search Portland Maps for information by permit type, contractor's name, permit number, project type, street address and more.
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There is information available about recent permits and land use reviews available in Portland Maps Reports. Once in Portland Maps Reports, click "Building" from the reports menu to choose a report type. 

You can sort, filter and search using any of the information available in the reports. You can quickly export data based on your searches.

Building reports have information about permits and land use reviews 

The Building reports include information about new projects, including:

  • Accessory dwelling units
  • Commercial building permits: intakes and issued permits 
  • Facility permits: intakes and issued permits 
  • Land use review intakes 
  • Residential permits: intakes and issued permits
  • Short-term rental permits

Permit and land use review reports include project details 

When available, the information in Portland Maps Reports includes:

  • Case number 
  • Contractor information
  • Date received and issue date 
  • Description of work
  • IVR number 
  • Permit details and information  
  • Permit status
  • Property legal description 
  • Site address
  • Type of use
  • Valuation
  • Work proposed

Portland Maps Reports has data about new development projects beginning in October 2021. For aggregated data of permit and land use information older than October 2021, please file a public records request. You can also search for an individual property's recent permit, land use review and code enforcement history on Portland Maps.

Projects subject to demolition delay

If a project was subject to a demolition delay, it will be noted in Portland Maps. A Residential Demolitions Map is also available.