Request a Permit Revision

Request a permit revision from the City of Portland. Get a permit revision for a building permit. Get permit revisions for other types of permits. If you need to make changes to a project after you got a permit, you need to submit an application for a permit revision.
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If you have any questions about the information on this page, please schedule a free 15-minute appointment so that we can help you with the permitting process! 

When you need a permit revision

You may need a permit revision if:

  • You have proposed changes to a project after you received a permit.
  • You did the work differently than what was on the plans.
  • An inspector asks you to make changes to your plans. In this case, the inspector may ask you for a permit revision.

Requirements for a permit revision application 

  • Drawings must clearly show the changes and changes need to be bubbled. 
  • The main permit is issued or under inspection. 
  • There should be no other revisions under review for the same permit. 
  • The proposed revision cannot change permit type. For example, if you are building an addition you can't turn it into an ADU with a revision.  

Permit revision application form and permit revision process

You will need to submit the plans with the changes for review again. The reviewers will check that the changes also meet the code. Permit revisions go through the same permit review and inspection process.

Use this application and apply for your permit revision online

How to apply for a permit revision on DevHub

  1. Log into your account on DevHub.
  2. Select the button "Apply for a New Permit".
  3. Select "Building Permit Request".
  4. Continue and agree until you get to "Search by Address".
  5. Pick your address and continue.
  6. On the "Additional Info" step, fill out the required fields.
  7. Under "Request Type", select the drop-down option, "Revision of an Issued Permit". Please refer to the image below.
  8. In the field "Permit Number for Revision or Deferred Submittal", enter the IVR number of the issued permit you want to revise. Please refer to the image below.
  9. Continue to fill out the application and submit your permit revision request.
An online form on Devhub with the Request Type drop-down and a red arrow pointing to the option of "Revision of an Issued Permit". Another red arrow points to a text field for "Permit Number for Revision or Deferred Submittal" where you'll enter in the IVR number of the existing permit you want to revise.
Step 7 and 8: Under "Request Type", select "Revision of an Issued Permit". In the field "Permit Number for Revision or Deferred Submittal", enter the IVR number of the existing permit you want to revise.