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Checksheet Response: Prepare corrected paper plans for submittal

You've corrected your plans in response to the checksheets. Now, learn how to organize your updated plans with the old plans, complete the checksheet response form, and schedule a drop-off appointment. Find the checksheet response form here. Note: This is for corrections to Paper Plans only!
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How to prepare your paper plans for corrections

Checksheet Response: Preparing Paper Plans for Corrections

Gathering materials for your corrections

Like a recipe, it's best to get your materials together before getting started. Red ink is required to communicate to the reviewers that changes have been made. Here are some tools you'll need:

  • Red pen
  • Red marker
  • Binder clips or stapler
  • All plan sets that were submitted
  • Checksheet
  • Checksheet response
  • Updated pages

Replacing cover sheets

If you're replacing cover sheets, on the right side margin of the cover sheet write the following in red marker:

  • Plan set number
  • Permit number
  • Bin location
Cover sheet: the set number, permit number, and bin location should be placed on the right margin of the cover sheet in red marker.
Replacing a cover sheet: On the right-side margin, write the set number (top), permit number (middle), and bin number (bottom).

Date all new pages 

For every new page, in red ink pen, write the date in the lower right corner. The date you use can be the date the plans are put together, it doesn't have to be the date you drop off your plans.

Write the date in the lower right corner of all new pages in red ink.
Write the date in the lower right corner of all new pages in red ink.

Preparing plan set #1

For plan set 1, any pages that you are replacing are called "voided pages." Keep all voided pages in plan set #1.

  • Mark voided pages "VOID" in red marker. 
  • Attach all voided pages to the back of the new plan set 1.
Pages that are to be replaced are called voided pages. In red marker, write "VOID" in large letters on the plans that are voided.
Write "VOID" in red marker on pages that are to be replaced.

Preparing all other plan sets (2, 3, 4)

For all other plan sets, only keep voided pages if they have city stamps or red markings.

  • Mark voided pages "VOID" in red marker.
  • Attach voided pages that have city stamps or red markings to the back of the new plan sets.

If there are voided pages that do not have city stamps or red markings you don't need to include them.

For all other plan sets (2,3,4), keep voided pages that have city stamps or red mark ups.
For all other plan sets, keep voids with city stamps and red mark ups.

Complete the Checksheet Response Form

Fill out the checksheet response sheet form. Let reviewers know what updates have been made. Be thorough. More information is better. 

You are required to respond to every item on the checksheet. We will not accept incomplete checksheet responses.

Include your full name and a phone number we can reach you in case we have questions. 

Submit checksheet responses to as many reviews as possible in one appointment.

Supplemental documents to include with your checksheet response 

For revised or additional documents:

  • Write the current date and permit number on the documents cover sheet.
  • Write a note that states either, “Replacing Previous Documentation” or “Replacing Additional Documentation”.

Put your corrections together 

Using binder clips or a stapler, bind the pages together on the left side for each set. Roll the sets up and secure each set with a rubber band. Then wrap the checksheet and checksheet response form around all the plan sets securing everything with a rubber band.

Schedule a drop-off appointment for your checksheet response  

Avoid potential delays. Watch this video for tips when resubmitting plans.
Appointment Plus webpage. Dropdown menu reads "Select appointment type". "Drop-off" is highlighted as the preferred selection
Under "Select appointment type" select "Drop-off"

When you are ready to drop off your updated plans, book an appointment online.

Under the dropdown menu, "Select appointment type" select "Drop-off".

Book an Appointment Now

Step-by-step instructions are available on how to book an appointment with the City of Portland online scheduling system.

Drop off your corrections

Bring your corrected plans and required documents to the Development Services Center at 1900 SW 4th Ave. in downtown Portland.