Checksheet: How to Prepare and Submit Corrections to your Permit Application Electronically

Example of a site plan with red markings and bubbles to show changes to plans. There is a green checkmark to indicate that red bubbles around changes is how to correctly communicate changes on plans.
How to submit corrections and respond to a checksheet or checklist that has been issued by a city plan reviewer using the Single PDF process. If permit documents under review do not meet code or are unclear, the reviewer asks for corrections. This request will come in a document called a checksheet.
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Submit corrections through the Single PDF Process. You cannot submit corrections on DevHub.

If minimal submittal requirements are not met, corrections will be rejected.

The Single PDF process is different than the ePlans process. For ePlans submittals through Project Dox, visit our ePlans information page.

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please schedule a free 15-minute appointment so that we can help you with the permitting process! 

Watch this video on how to prepare corrections and avoid rejections! Available in English and en Español. 

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Difference between a checksheet response and a permit revision

The process on this page describes corrections in response to a checksheet. This process is for a permit under review and not yet issued. 

Revisions are for permits that have been approved and issued. The permit review process page has more information about permit revisions.

Step 1. Make sure all the reviews are complete

Each permit is reviewed by different groups such as Planning and Zoning and Life Safety. All review groups must complete their review before an applicant can submit corrections. When a checksheet has been issued an email notification will be sent to the applicant on file, only. Please add to your safe senders list to make sure you don't miss any emails about your application. 

To find out if reviews are complete, check Portland Maps using a permit or application number.  If a review is complete the activity status line will read approved, not required, or checksheet.  If a review is not complete the activity status line will read open or corr rec'd.  

If more than one checksheet is issued it is helpful to respond to all of them at the same time.  

If you see that a checksheet is issued and you have not received it, check your email “spam” folder.  If you need a copy, contact the reviewer by selecting their name listed under “staff contact” on Portland Maps.  

Step 2. Make requested changes

Update plans and other materials and add or remove pages.

Items most often missed by applicants are noted as *Common Rejection Item.

Update an Existing Drawing:

  • Include the permit number on the first page of the plan set.
  • Add a red cloud or bubble (Example 1) around any area on a plan that is new or modified. *Common Rejection Item 
  • Only cloud or bubble current changes. Remove clouds or bubbles from previously updated versions of plans. 
red cloud or bubble around changes on a construction drawing under review
Example 1

Adding a new page

When adding a new page that did not previously exist, add a red cloud or bubble around the new page number, only. Do not bubble or cloud the entire page.  

Removing a page 

To show that a page number is being permanently removed add a red “REMOVED” stamp and submit the page with the rest of the drawings.  For example, in a plan set with eleven pages, if page eleven is no longer needed place a “REMOVED” stamp on page eleven and include it with the updated drawings.  This is different than updating a page (with red clouds/bubbles around the changes) which lets the reviewer know you are revising and not removing a page in the plan set. 

Add a Date Stamp 

Add a red date stamp that reads "SUBMITTED" with the date to the bottom right hand corner of each sheet. *Common Rejection Item 

  • The “SUBMITTED” date stamp is the date you are submitting all response documents.  It should be the same on each page. 
  • Use font size 14 or larger.
    example of date stamp for corrections submitted all caps in red with date
  • Place the date stamp on all pages being submitted.

Updating Calculations and Packages 

For example: structural, geotechnical, wall bracing, truss packages, mechanical and product information.

Name all calculation packets as either Supplemental or Replacement.

  • Supplemental calculation packets provide relevant information in addition to the original calculation packet.  If calculations are supplemental, name the document “Supplemental.” We recommend adding a “SUPPLEMENTAL” stamp to the first page. 
  • Replacement calculation packets will swap out the original calculation packet.  If calculations are replacing a previous submittal, name the document “Replacement”.  Development Services recommends adding a red “REPLACEMENT” stamp to the first page.  

For Reference Only

Label any materials requested by the reviewer but are not to be used for construction in red “FOR REFERENCE ONLY”. For example, a reference document may include information about an adjacent building or lot or historical property information. 

Step 3. Assemble checksheet response documents 

Incorrect or incomplete corrections will be rejected and will delay your project.  A complete checksheet response includes uploading the following documents: 

  • The reviewer issued checksheet.  
  • The checksheet response form. * Common rejection item
    • Ensure every item on the checksheet has a response and includes the location on plans (Example 2).
  • Updated plan pages.
  • Supplemental or Replacement Calculations (as needed).
  • Reference Materials (as needed).
  • Correct Formatting:
    • Upload pages that have changed, only. *Common rejection item 
    • PDF files should not be locked or contain electronic signatures. * Common rejection item 
    • No Cover sheets.
    • All files must be in PDF format.
    • Drawings should be the same size as those submitted with original application. 
    • Plans should be in black and white except for “submitted” stamps and clouds/bubbles. 
    • Ensure a red “submitted” date stamp is on every page. *Common rejection item 
    • Follow naming conventions and document separation standards described in Step 5. 
example of a checksheet response showing numbered responses with description and page numbers
Example 2

Step 4. Contact Permitting Services for a corrections upload link 

  • Be sure to have your plans and materials ready before requesting a link. 
  • Send an email message to with the subject line containing the word “Corrections”, followed by the permit number. For example:  Corrections 20-123456-CO.
    For Personal Wireless Service Facilities (FCC applications 1-5), the subject line should start with the word, "Wireless". For example: Wireless Corrections 20-123456-CO.
  • Do not send any attachments when requesting a link; emails with attachments will be blocked.
  • Staff processes requests in the order received. Please allow up to 5 business days.
  • If all reviews are complete, staff sends an upload link to the applicant with instructions.  This link is good for 2 business days.  
  • If you have not received the link, be sure to check your email spam folder for emails from  The upload link will be sent from this address. 
  • Applicant uses this link to upload corrections.  
  • Applicant will be notified if the submittal is incomplete or cannot be accepted.  
  • Check corrections status on Portland Maps.  Allow five to ten business days for processing. 

Step 5. Upload corrections

Organize files 

  • Each checksheet response form should be its own PDF. 
  • Updated drawings should be in a single PDF and follow the file naming standards (Example 3).
  • For more detailed instructions see the file naming standards provided in File Naming Standards Single PDF Process .
  • If you upload the wrong file, it is easy to fix. Upload the correct file with the same name. This will replace the old file with the new file. Before uploading, make sure the new file has the exact same name - no extra spaces, numbers, or letters.

List of pdf files to be submitted as corrections for to review checksheetsts
Example 3