Schedule an Appointment to Update Paper Plans in Checksheet Status

Do you need to make corrections to your paper plans that are in "Checksheet" status? To pick up or drop off corrected paper plans, you'll have to schedule an appointment. Learn how to make an appointment online to drop off your checksheet response. NOTE: This tutorial is for paper plans only.
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Schedule an appointment on the City of Portland online scheduling system:

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Before making an appointment to drop off corrected paper plans

So you've submitted your paper plans for review. When checking you find your reviews are in "Checksheet" status.

"Checksheet" status means that reviewers have looked over your plans and provided feedback.

Make sure ALL open reviews are in "Checksheet" or "Approved" status. Do this by searching with the IVR number or permit number of your project.

Are all open reviews are in "Checksheet" or "Approved" status?

If no, you must wait to schedule an appointment. Thank you for your patience.

If yes, go ahead and schedule an appointment.

You are required to make corrections and resubmit the plans that are in "Checksheet" status. To do that you'll have to pick up your plans from the Bureau of Development Services.

Checksheet Response: Scheduling an Appointment for Paper Plans

How to use the City of Portland online scheduling system

How to schedule appointments for paper plans with the City of Portland online scheduling system

You can book an appointment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Appointments are scheduled from Mondays to Fridays.

As you schedule, please have ready:  

  • Your calendar
  • Type of appointment
  • Your contact information
  • Permit number
  • Address for the permit
  • Any special instructions
Select appointment type for paper plans on the City of Portland Online Scheduling System
Appointment types: Checksheet, Drop-off, or Pick-up
  1. Select an appointment type for paper plans:

    1. Checksheet: If your plans are in “Checksheet” or “Approved” status you may pick up your plans.
    2. Drop-off:  You've updated your paper plans in response to the Checksheets. You're scheduling to drop off plans for review.
    3. Pick-up:  Schedule a pick-up appointment for paper plans that are in "Approved to Issue" status.
  2. Select a date. A calendar will appear below the "Select appointment type" dropdown. Available dates will be active.

  3. Select a time. When you've selected an available appointment, click the "Book It" button.

  4. Are you a new or returning user? New users will need to create an account with a username and password. Returning users will need to sign in.

  5. Finally, select the button, "Finalize Appointment". When you get a confirmation, you've successfully booked an appointment.

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More information on appointments for paper plans

Schedule an appointment to submit plans and documents for your project

For initial plan intake, schedule an intake appointment.

This appointment process is not for initial plan intake. It is only to pick-up paper plans or drop-off corrections. Please note these are only for projects with paper plans that are currently in review.

When you arrive at the Development Services Center for your appointment

  • When you approach the building, wait for the security guard to let you in. You will need to provide your name and phone number to the security guard.
  • If you are not the person listed on the appointment, you will not be granted access to the building.
  • Once you are admitted in, you will go to the appropriate labelled rack where your plans will be located.
  • As soon as you pick up your plans, in an effort to work safely, please exit the building.
  • There will be no in-person contact with Development Services Center staff.

Reschedule an appointment

Before you schedule your appointment, please ensure this is a date and time that is not likely to change.

To re-schedule or change your appointment, you will need to cancel your original appointment and create a new appointment. This allows us to equitably provide services to others.

If information needs to be changed or updated on your appointment

If information needs to be updated or changed, please cancel your original appointment and create a new appointment.

Business hours for appointments to drop off corrected paper plans 

Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 3:00PM. However, you can sign in to our online scheduling system on any day and at any time to make an appointment.

If your appointment was cancelled

We cancel appointments if:

  • At least one review on your project was not in Approved or Checksheet status.
  • Not all of your plan sets have been returned by the reviewers.

Check the status of your reviews

Go to and find the address of your permit. Under Permits & Zoning, click Permits, and find your permit number in the list. You may need to expand the list to find your permit.

Once you find your permit, select it, and find the reviews you want to check. You can see its status in the Activity Status column. permit activity with the Activity Status column highlighted. is where to check your review status. Under the column "Activity Status".

Additional help with making an appointment 

If you're having any trouble making an appointment please leave a voicemail message with the Permitting General Information phone number. Please provide your name, phone number, permit number and the issue you’re having.

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