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Apply or Pay for Building Permits, Trade Permits and Zoning Permits

Apply for building permits, trade permits and zoning permits online or in person. Includes deferred submittals applications, permit revisions and electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits. Submit a building permit application and pay for permits in person or online with Development Hub PDX.
  1. Find out what information you need to collect

    You can apply for residential building permits and commercial building permitstrade permits and zoning permits online or in person. Includes revisions, deferred submittals applications and electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits.

    Before applying online, please read about the basic requirements for permit applications. Then, check out our step-by-step guide for completing the building permit application. You can also read more about the permit review process or schedule a free appointment with an expert. And, you can also get the Permit Revision Application form below.

    Find out Where to Apply or Pay for Permits and Reviews

    Not all permits are processed online. Please review the list of permit types and find out where to apply or pay for each permit type

    Submitting a Land Use Application? Please do not use Development Hub PDX to submit applications to the Land Use Division. You can apply for Land Use Applications using email. Find out how and where different permit or review requests should be submitted. 

    The City of Portland also issues building permits for the City of Maywood Park. 

    Apply for a permit revision using Development Hub PDX

  2. Login/register to Development Hub PDX to apply for permits online

    New users will need to create a free account with Portland Online. Go to Development Hub PDX and select the Login / Register tab to register for a new account.

  3. Apply and pay for permits online

    Submit your permit application request online using Development Hub PDX.

    For Zoning, Site Development and Development Review permits: In Development Hub PDX, choose 'Building Permit' in the request type dropdown menu. Enter the permit type in the Description of Work field.

    Your plans are then sent to different groups of experts. These reviewers will look at your plans to make sure they meet specific code or regulation. If the plans meet the code rules, the reviewer approves them.

    If something does not meet code or is unclear, the reviewer will ask for corrections. The reviewer sends you detailed notes with the problems or questions on a "Checksheet."

    You can read more about the permit review process online. You can also find step-by-step instructions below, in the How to Submit a Permit Request document. 

    Watch this training and demo on how to submit a permit request on DevHub.

  4. We review your permit application to make sure it meets Permitting Services requirements

    After you submit your permit request through Development Hub PDX, your application package will be reviewed by a permit technician. The technician checks that the information in your application package meets the minimum standards and then determines the review process for your permit.

    If your application package does not meet minimum submittal standards and/or requires further clarification, we'll email you. You'll need to log into the Development Hub PDX system to review the comments and to provide any requested information. This communication process repeats until you meet all requirements.

    Then, we check to see if the application meets Land Use and Life Safety requirements. Once a permit technician has accepted your submittal package, your application package will be reviewed by a Land Use planner and Fire & Life Safety reviewer to check that the information you provided meets the minimum standards.

    If those experts have additional questions or concerns about your application package,we'll email you. You'll need to log into the Development Hub PDX system to review the comments and to provide any requested information. This communication process repeats until you meet all requirements.

  5. Pay for your permit fees

    When we confirm that your permit application is complete and ready for review, you'll receive instructions for how to pay your permit fees online or by phone. If you need help, check out the “How to Pay Fees” customer quick step guide.

    How to Pay Fees (198.24 KB)
  6. We review your plans - and may ask for more information

    Once fees have been paid, your project will be taken in for comprehensive plan review. Your assigned Permit Technician will determine if your project qualifies for Single PDF Process review or full ProjectDox review. 

    You can check the status of your permit review on or by calling the Inspection Request Line at 503-823-7000 for a fax report. 

  7. Current status of permit applications

    Check permit status online. Review daily reports showing the current status of all permit requests in process today. This is the most updated and current information available about the status of all permits in process. It's the same information we use to check permit status.


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