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Apply or Pay for Building Permits, Trade Permits and Zoning Permits

You can apply for residential and commercial building permits (including revisions and deferred submittals), trade permits (electrical, plumbing and mechanical) and zoning permits online or in person. Submit a building permit application online. Pay for permits online with Development Hub PDX.
  1. Find out what information you need to collect

    Click here to find out the basic requirements for permit applications. 

  2. Call us to schedule a drop-off time to bring your application into the building

    Please call the number below to schedule a time to drop-off your permit application and plans at the Development Services Center. You must have an appointment set up to bring in an application. 

  3. Once you make an appointment, bring in your application

    Our staff will help you schedule an appointment for you to drop-off your permit application and plans at the Development Services Center downtown.  

    When you arrive at the Development Services Center, security personnel will verify you have an appointment to submit plans and direct you to a rack to leave your complete submission of plans, application(s), and any required supplemental documents. You will not meet with a staff person during this drop-off appointment. 

    1900 SW Fourth Avenue
    First floor lobby
    Portland, OR 97201
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    Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. except Thursdays 8 a.m. to noon

    Your plans are then sent to different groups of experts. These reviewers will look at your plans to make sure they meet specific code or regulation. If the plans meet the code rules, the reviewer approves them.

    If something does not meet code or is unclear, the reviewer will ask for corrections. The reviewer sends you detailed notes with the problems or questions on a "Checksheet." You can read more about the permit review process online.

  4. We will review your permit request for completeness

    After submitting, your application package will be reviewed by a permit technician to check that the information you provided meets the minimum standards. If your application package doesnot meet minimum submittal standards and/or requires further clarification, we will contact you for more information.

    Then,  your application package will be reviewed by a Land Use planner and Fire & Life Safety reviewer to ensure you have met their minimum standards. If your application package doesnot meet minimum standards and/or requires further clarification, we will contact you for more information.

    Learn more about how permit requests are reviewed, including daily reports indicating the statuses of individual permit requests at different points in the review process.

  5. Pay your permit fees online or by phone

    When we have confirmed that your permit application is complete and ready for review, you will receive instructions for how to pay your permit fees online or by phone. If you need help, check out the “How to Pay Fees” customer quick step guide.

    We will review your plans, and may ask for more information

    You can check the status of your permit review on PortlandMaps.com.
    Or, call the Inspection Request Line to find out by phone at (503) 823-7000 for a faxed report. 

  6. Respond to comments on paper plans

    Your plans may require adjustments after our review. In that case, we will mark up your plans on a "checksheet" and ask you to respond to notes from the reviewer. Read step-by-step instructions to prepare corrected paper plans for submittal with the old paper plans, complete the checksheet response form, and submit a checksheet response. 

  7. Submit corrected paper plans

    When you are ready to submit updated plans, please schedule an appointment to bring your updated plans to the Development Services Center. Read step-by-step instructions how to make an appointment to drop off corrected paper plans.