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Permit Review Process

Get basic information about the City of Portland permit review process from start to finish.

Applying for a permit

If staff needs more time to review your plans, you will need to leave them at Development Services. Staff will enter your permit information in our system and bill the fee you need to pay up front (intake fee). When you pay the fee, your project moves from "Application" Status to "Under Review". Within 1 - 2 working days, staff will assign your project to specific reviewers.

Track your permit review online

You can track the status of the permit review on Portland Maps. You can find out who is reviewing your project and how to reach them.  

Plan review

Your plans are then sent to different groups of experts. These reviewers will look at your plans to make sure they meet specific code or regulation. If the plans meet the code rules, the reviewer approves them. If something does not meet code or is unclear, the reviewer will ask for corrections. The reviewer sends you detailed notes with the problems or questions on a "Checksheet."

Checksheet response

After you get a checksheet, you will need to respond to each item on the reviewers list. This usually means you will need to revise your plans. When you finish the changes, you will need to turn in the corrections. Your assigned reviewer will then look to see if your changes meet the code requirements.

Checksheet reponse review

If the changes meet code, the reviewer will approve their review. If they need more information or changes, they might issue another checksheet. You will need to make the changes and submit. Often reviewers charge extra for the time it takes to review again.


After the reviewers approve your plans, your permit goes into "Preissuance." During "preissuance" staff checks your plans for approval stamps and notes. They create two identical plan sets, one for your job site and one for records. Staff will also check that the fees are correct. When they finish, they will contact you to let you know your project is approved to issue and how to pay the fees.  After you pay the fees, your permit is issued.


You will get an inspection card with your issued permit. The inspection card has information on the inspections your project needs. The inspection card also has the IVR number needed to schedule inspections. After the inspectors approve all the work done, your permit status is final.


If the you did the work different than what was on the plans, the inspector may ask for a revision. You will need to submit the plans with the changes for review again. The reviewers will check that the changes also meet the code. Revisions go through the same permit review and inspection process.