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City Council approves measures to assist businesses in recovery from the pandemic

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and providers of affordable housing and services can take advantage of temporary suspensions of some zoning requirements to assist in improvements to their facilities and enable faster economic recovery.

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City of Portland denies Land Use Compatibility Statement for Zenith Energy

The City of Portland, through the Bureau of Development Services, is denying a request from Zenith Energy to issue a Land Use Compatibility Statement necessary for the renewal of its air quality permit issued by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

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Interim Rule Update for Private Right-of-Ways

Learn more about interim changes to the Administrative Rule for Private Rights-of-Ways (Streets, Alleys, Shared Courts, Common Greens and Pedestrian Connections).

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New 2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) Takes Effect Oct. 1

The Oregon Building Codes Division adopted the new 2021 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC), which took effect April 1. The six-month phase-in period wherein permit applicants have the option to submit for permits using either the current (2017) ORSC or the new (2021) ORSC is coming to an end.

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Stay updated on enhancements to ProjectDox

Building permit customers can stay informed on updates and new developments in the City's electronic plan review software.

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Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) Update

Sewer Connections: Permits Required for Sewer Connection and Repair

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City bureaus work to improve timeliness and efficiency in building permit process

Earlier this year, Commissioner Dan Ryan appointed a Permitting Improvement Task Force which met three times over two months and was charged with identifying solutions to improving the timeliness and efficiency of the building permit process.

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Remote Video Re-inspections protect health, keep residential projects moving during COVID-19

This service of the Bureau of Development Services provides video re-inspections for corrections on permitted work, saving time and money for customers and the City.

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Major updates to the City’s housing-related zoning rules coming August 1

Changes will increase housing supply and accessibility for low-, moderate- and middle-income Portlanders; addresses houselessness and lack of affordable apartments and homes for community members.

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Follow these guidelines to submit a permit application under current zoning code before July 31, 2021

Changes to the City of Portland's zoning code will go into effect on Aug. 1, 2021. Learn more about how to submit a permit application if you wish to have the current zoning code apply to your project.

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Follow these guidelines to submit a permit application under the current fees before June 30, 2021

Beginning July 1, 2021, fees for building permit applications will increase. Follow these guidelines to submit a permit application under the current fees.

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Fee changes for the Bureau of Development Services, effective July 1, 2021

The Bureau of Development Services is implementing fee increases across most of its services, effective July 1, 2021.

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Environmental Services proposes revisions to Administrative Rule ENB-4.05 Systems Development Charges for Sewer and Stormwater

Environmental Services is making changes to ENB-4.05 regarding systems development charges for sewer and stormwater. Proposed changes align with citywide initiatives and define new business types for better clarity. The public comment period is now closed.

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City Council to consider business relief and recovery measures

An ordinance to address business relief and recovery measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic will come before the Portland City Council on Wednesday, June 16.

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Talking with Portland Community College (PCC) Building Inspection Technology Students for Building Safety Month

"Training the Next Generation" was a key theme for the International Code Council (ICC) Building Safety Month in 2021. Joe Disciascio, Inspections Supervisor, met with students from the PCC building inspection technology program to talk about what it's like to be an inspector and work for the City.

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City Council waives design review for exterior lighting, security gates in some commercial areas

On March 3, the Portland City Council approved an emergency ordinance that temporarily makes it easier for businesses to install exterior lighting and security gates at entrances of buildings in design overlay zones. A second ordinance to further help businesses will come to City Council on June 16.

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Seeking experienced engineers to advise on structural engineering issues

The Bureau of Development Services seeks interested and experienced structural engineers to serve in one of three positions, each for a three-year term, on the Structural Engineering Advisory Committee. Persons of color are encouraged to apply. Applications are due by Monday, June 14.

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Help guide development review in Portland; apply by June 14

The City of Portland is seeking interested persons to serve in one of four positions, each for a three-year term, on the Development Review Advisory Committee. Persons of color are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is Monday, June 14.

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Prepare your building for a safe reopening

Stagnant water poses health risks. Take these important steps to reduce risks associated with Legionella.

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New features now available in Portland’s electronic plan review system

The City of Portland upgraded its ProjectDox platform for electronic review of development plans, providing easier ways for customers to upload documents and respond to comments.

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