Stay updated on enhancements to ProjectDox

News Article
Building permit customers can stay informed on updates and new developments in the City's electronic plan review software.

The software for the City of Portland’s electronic plan review system, known as ProjectDox, enables building permit applicants and City plan reviewers to evaluate and discuss construction plans and suggest changes while saving time and paper.

More than 3500 customers have accounts in the City’s ProjectDox software, and several hundred customers use it regularly. As with most software, there are ongoing improvements and upgrades to ProjectDox and new information to share to enhance the user’s experience.

Bureau of Development Services staff publishes updates every one to two weeks highlighting changes and improvements to ProjectDox and providing helpful suggestions for customers to get the most out of their use of the software.

Users of ProjectDox are encouraged to bookmark and visit the ProjectDox 9.2 Applicant Updates web page to learn more about:

  • ProjectDox updates and improvements
  • Tips and tricks to improve the customer experience
  • Efforts of the PDX ePlans Team and Avolve (the software vendor) to enhance electronic plan review capabilities

Many questions about the features of the ProjectDox 9.2 software are addressed in these updates. Customers are welcome to contact the ePlans Team at with questions not addressed in the regular updates or to suggest ideas for further exploration by City staff or Avolve.