Remote Video Re-inspections protect health, keep residential projects moving during COVID-19

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This is a photo of an inspection, being conducted via video over a cellphone, of a newly installed furnace.
This service of the Bureau of Development Services provides video re-inspections for corrections on permitted work, saving time and money for customers and the City.

Looking back over the last 15 months, while operating under continuous COVID-19 restrictions, the Remote Video Re-inspections Program (RVR) has continued to prove its worth.

Nearly 2000 RVR inspections have been completed on residential construction projects since March 2020, with an impressive pass rate averaging 96% and a customer satisfaction rate of over 99%. The program offers customers and contractors 24-hour scheduling of time-certain appointments to complete re-inspections, including those for minor label permits, via Skype and FaceTime video conferencing platforms.

The RVR program provides re-inspections for corrections on permits and thus frees up inspectors to handle more first-time inspections.

Over this past year RVR proved a viable option to keep projects moving, helping to keep customers and staff safe while providing quality re-inspections to ensure projects continue to meet City and State building codes.

Many city and county building permit departments around Oregon and the U.S. are working to develop similar video inspection programs. As the last year has proven, the way business is done will be different moving forward.

The RVR program makes re-inspections easy to schedule and complete. An RVR customer chooses the best date and time that fits their busy work schedule. The RVR program customer can easily cancel and reschedule if the need arises.

A few changes will help make the RVR program more accessible for customers in the coming year:

  • The Bureau of Development Services is considering alternate video conferencing platforms since Skype for Business is ending at the end of July.
  • Promotional RVR business cards are in development. Field inspectors will provide these cards when deficiencies are identified, giving customers the option to schedule a time-certain re-inspection appointment through RVR.

For more information about the RVR program, visit the website or contact the RVR Team at (503) 865-8436 or


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