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Bureau of Development Services FY 2021-22 Budget Request

On Jan. 29, the Bureau of Development Services submitted its FY 2021-22 Requested Budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021, along with its Five-Year Financial Plan. In total, the Requested Budget includes a $78.6 million operating budget with 397.8 FTE.

The COVID-19 pandemic and related reductions in commercial building development activity have reduced BDS’s permit fee revenue. This year BDS submitted several requests for additional funding from City Council beyond permit fee revenues. The total value of the seven funding requests is approximately $10.4 million. Our funding requests are summarized below:

  1. Restoration of the mandatory 5% General Fund reduction ($51,596) for the Neighborhood Inspections Program within the Property Compliance Division
  2. Additional $1 million General Fund request for the Neighborhood Inspections Program
  3. $6,659,743 million in General Fund support for technology, process improvement, and equity work for the entire bureau
  4. $187, 985 in General Fund monies to support a Community Engagement Specialist on the Equity & Policy Development Team
  5. $875,168 in Recreational Cannabis Fund monies to fund and expand the Empowered Communities Program
  6. $1.2 million in General Fund monies to support the Land Use Services Program
  7. $420,000 in General Fund monies as bridge funding for the Signs Program

The City Budget Office reviews budget requests for all bureaus and will make recommendations to City Council regarding the overall City budget proposal.  BDS will be presenting its budget requests to City Council through two budget work sessions scheduled for Tuesday, March 23, and Thursday, April 1. 

Following these and other budget work sessions, the Mayor will prepare his proposed budget for the next fiscal year. That proposed budget is scheduled to be released on April 29. The City Council will consider his proposed budget. A final budget is scheduled to be adopted on June 9 and take effect on July 1.

If you have questions about the BDS budget request, please contact Kyle O’Brien, budget and finance manager, at


Ken Ray

Public Information Officer, Development Services