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Fee changes for the Bureau of Development Services, effective Dec. 1, 2020

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The Bureau of Development Services proposed fee increases across most of its services, effective Dec. 1, 2020. These fee increases were approved by the Portland City Council on Oct. 28, 2020.

Update, Oct. 28: The Portland City Council approved the proposed fee increases described below. These fee increases will take effect Dec. 1, 2020.

Fees are set to cover the costs of services. The Bureau of Development Services faces increased costs of services during the current fiscal year which ends on June 30, 2021. The increased costs are primarily the result of two factors:

  1. Increased rent costs imposed on tenants of city-owned buildings, including the 1900 Building (1900 SW Fourth Ave.) where BDS is headquartered, and BDS’s leased space in the Jacobs Center (2020 SW Fourth Ave.)
  2. Increased personnel costs

Most fees are being increased by 5 percent, but some fees are proposed to increase by more where the cost of providing services is significantly above the current fee level. No fee change is proposed for the zoning enforcement program.

The proposed fee increases are:

ServiceFee Increase, Effective Dec. 1, 2020
Field Issuance Remodel19.9%
Facilities Permits5.0%
Site Development8.8%
Environmental Soils5.0%
Zoning EnforcementNo change
Neighborhood Inspections7.2%
Land Use Services7.8%

More detailed information on the new fee schedule can be found here.


Ken Ray

Public Information Officer (for news media inquiries)