Residential Demolition Ordinance amendments scheduled for City Council hearing Sept. 9, 2020

News Article

This news article is from 2020. Please visit the Current Fee Schedules webpage to review current fees.  

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the Bureau of Development Services will present an ordinance to the Portland City Council to amend the Dust and Debris Control for Residential Demolitions Program in the Building Demolition Code (Portland City Code Chapter 24.55) to:

  • Move implementation details of the program to administrative rules;
  • Require a full asbestos survey to meet current state regulations;
  • Update demolition inspections language to be consistent with current practices;
  • Increase fines for non-compliance; and
  • Make other modifications for clarity and consistency.

The ordinance conforms code language around demolition inspections to current practices, specifying what will be inspected at each residential demolition site. The ordinance also deletes references to deconstruction, removes the option for having an accredited asbestos inspector on-site as an alternative to full asbestos abatement prior to a demolition, and requires anyone removing exterior painted components as part of a demolition to have lead-based paint certifications.

The ordinance also removes from the city code details regarding lead-based paint inspection reports, verification of required certifications, debris containment, and sign posting requirements and enforcement and fines. These details are moved to the proposed administrative rules.

New Enforcement Fee and Penalty Proposed for Residential Demolitions

BDS is proposing to change its Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule for residential demolitions. The new proposed fees and penalties will be based on whether the demolition code violation can be corrected. Fines for violations that cannot be corrected will no longer have a correction notice and start at $10,000 for the first violation. For correctable violations, a correction notice will be issued for the first violation, and a $5,000 fine will be issued for all subsequent violations.

This ordinance is scheduled to be heard at the Portland City Council meeting no earlier than 9:50 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 9. Please contact the city council clerk if you wish to sign up to testify at this hearing.


Ken Ray

Public Information Officer, Development Services