Learn How to Submit Plans Electronically with the ePlans Team

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Watch our training videos to learn how to submit plans electronically


Learn How to Submit Plans Electronically from the ePlans Team

The Bureau of Development Services is now offering five digital training modules that will help you submit, correct and resubmit permit applications through electronic plan review using ProjectDox. These short videos mimic the training the ePlans Team used to perform on-site with applicants. Our video series covers the electronic plan review process using ProjectDox, including a basic overview, how to navigate the software, understanding review windows, view-only access, and resubmitting. Closed-captioning is available for all of the following videos:  

  1. Introduction to ProjectDox
  2. Navigating ProjectDox
  3. Review Windows
  4. View-only Access
  5. Resubmitting
ePlans Applicant Training Video Introduction
The introduction to ePlans applicant training videos

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our other videos related to electronic plan review:

  1. Applicant Upload Module: Getting Started with PDX ePlans
  2. PDX ePlans File Naming Standards

After you’ve watched each video, you can use the corresponding Quick Steps Guide for each topic to remind you how to complete the task at hand. Click here to visit the updated electronic plan review webpage