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We realize the pandemic has created some uncertainty regarding some of your projects, and that you may be putting some projects on pause, or just waiting to see what the economy does in the coming weeks and months. We want to make the best use of City staff time and prioritize the review of projects that are moving ahead and will proceed with construction immediately once the permit is issued. This is not to say BDS will not review these projects that are on pause, just that we will prioritize "active" projects (i.e., those that are moving immediately to construction upon permit issuance).

We need your help with this so we can make the most efficient use of staff time. If you have a project that is not urgently moving toward construction once the permit is issued, please email the permit number to the Customer Success Team at BDS. If that status changes, you can email the Customer Success Team again and provide a status update on your project.

We thank you in advance for sharing this information with us so we can direct staff resources first to the projects that are actively moving forward to construction.