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Clarifying the Demolition Inspections Enforcement Process

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E. Enforcement

1. Stop Work Orders. When necessary to obtain compliance with this Section 24.55.205, the Director may issue a stop work order as described in Portland City Code Section 3.30.080 requiring that all work, except work directly related to elimination of the violation, be immediately and completely stopped. Any person subject to a stop work order may seek administrative review of the order and may appeal the Director’s administrative determination as provided in Portland City Code Section 3.30.080.

2. Citation Process and Fines 

a. Citation Process

(1) Correction Notice. If BDS finds the demolition project does not comply with any provision of this Section 24.55.205, BDS will issue a correction notice stating the provision(s) violated and the required correction(s) to bring the project into compliance.

(2) Citation for Violations. If a violation for which a correction notice has been issued is not corrected, or if the same responsible party is found to have violated any provision of this Section 24.55.205 on a different project within the City, BDS may issue a citation to the responsible party for such violation. For the purposes of this Section 24.55.205, the responsible party is defined in Section 24.55.150.

(3) Citation service. A citation may be personally delivered to the responsible party, or may be served by Registered or Certified Mail to the responsible party. For purposes of this Subsection, service by Registered or Certified mail is complete and effective when a correctly addressed notice is deposited with the postal service after being either certified or registered by the postal service.

(4) Fines and corrections. The citation will state the section of this Section 24.55.205 violated, the fine imposed, and the corrective action required.

(5) Corrections not made. If corrections are not made and the violation(s) continue, BDS may impose additional citations or pursue other enforcement remedies as authorized under Portland City Code Section 3.30.040, including assessment of Administrative Enforcement Fees and revocation of issued demolition or building permits.

(6) Citation appeals. Issuance of a citation may be appealed by requesting an Administrative Review, see Subsection G below.

b. Fines

Fines are established for violations of this Section 24.55.205 as set forth in the Enforcement Fee and Penalty Schedule as adopted by the City Council.  These fines will be assessed as a result of an issued citation for violations of this Section 24.55.205 and are in addition to any other fines authorized by law.

1st Offense – a first offense is based on a single inspection, even if there are multiple violations. For any subsequent offenses, a separate fine may be assessed for each violation of this Section 24.55.205.

Additional violations after the first offense will be set at the maximum amount per individual violation allowed by the fee scheduled adopted by the City Council, unless the Director finds mitigating factors that justify a lesser fine. Multiple citations can be issued to the responsible party for continued violations of this Section 24.55.205, and each day of non-compliance may be considered a separate violation.

Fines must be received by the Bureau of Development Services within 15 calendar days of the date on the citation, or within 15 calendar days of the final administrative review of the Director or the published decision of a citation appealed to the Code Hearings Officer, unless the Code Hearings Officer specifies a different date.

If the citation fine is not paid within 15 calendar days, the fine(s) indicated on the citation will double and the unpaid citation amount may, at the discretion of the Director, be assessed as a City lien against the property.

F. Demolition Permit Compliance Prerequisite for New Building Permit.  No building permit for a new structure on the site that is subject to the demolition permit (including all lots in a land division or lot confirmation) will be issued until the final inspection for the demolition permit has been completed and approved.

G. Administrative Review and Appeals. If a responsible party has received a stop work order or written citation and the responsible party believes the order or citation has been issued in error, the responsible party may request that the order or citation be reviewed by the Director or designee. The responsible party must submit a written request for an Administrative Review within 15 calendar days of the date of the order or citation. An Administrative Review appeal fee, see current BDS Enforcement fee schedule, is due when the written request for an Administrative Review is requested.  This fee will only be refunded if it is determined that all of the contested violations were cited in error. A written Administrative Review determination will be served on the responsible party by regular mail.

A responsible party may appeal the written Administrative Review determination to the City Code Hearings Office in accordance with Chapter 22.10 of the Portland City Code.