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BDS Adopts Interim Residential Demolition Administrative Rule

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(Updated Feb. 10, 2020) 

New information about residential demolition inspection requirements is now available. There is a requirements handoutlive-video customer instructionsdemolition ordinance, and the interim administrative rule. To view the full page, click here: www.portlandoregon.gov/bds/80378

(Jan. 24, 2020) The Bureau of Development Services (BDS) has adopted an Interim Residential Demolition Administrative Ruleeffective February 10, 2020, that revises the inspection requirements for demolitions of residential structures with four or fewer dwelling units and any detached accessory structures with a floor area more than 200 square feet on the same site. 

The Interim Rule requires the Demolition Manager or Lead-Based Paint Certified Person to meet with the inspector at the #200 inspection, in addition to the other requirements. The Rule also requires two #205 inspections that must be requested and scheduled through the City’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.  The first of these inspections now requires that the Demolition Manager or Lead-Based Paint Certified Person is on-site during the inspection and that the exterior painted surfaces have been removed. The second #205 inspection must be scheduled so that the inspector is on-site when mechanical demolition begins in order to verify the effectiveness of the dust suppression wetting system and the wind speed. The second #205 inspection may be conducted via a live-streaming inspection using live video streaming technology pre-approved by BDS. There are no changes to the #210 inspection.  

The Interim Rule will be effective for 180 days from February 10, 2020 or until the permanent rule is adopted.