BDS Announces Search for Volunteers to Serve on the Adjustment Committee

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The Bureau of Development Services has announced a search for people interested in filling two vacancies on the City of Portland Adjustment Committee.
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January 16, 2020

Contact: Douglas Hardy

The Bureau of Development Services Announces Search for Volunteers to Serve on the Adjustment Committee

The Bureau of Development Services has announced a search for people interested in filling two vacancies on the City of Portland Adjustment Committee.

Most development standards in the Portland Zoning Code, such as building height, building setbacks, landscape requirements, etc., may be adjusted through a discretionary Adjustment Review process if approval criteria found in Zoning Code Section 33.805.040 are met.  Adjustment Reviews are administrative reviews with the decision made by a Bureau of Development Services land use planner. The decision of the planner can be appealed. If appealed, a hearing is scheduled before the Adjustment Committee. The Adjustment Committee’s sole role is to consider these appeals in a public hearing setting and make a final decision to uphold the planner’s administrative decision, uphold the planner’s administrative decision with modifications, or overturn the planner’s administrative decision.

The Adjustment Committee consists of seven volunteer members, none of whom may hold public elective office. Members serve a four-year term, and are limited to a maximum of two terms. The committee must include three persons representing the public at large; two members in either urban design, architecture, or landscape architecture; and two members experienced in either engineering, financing construction, management of buildings, or land development. The members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Hearings take place at 2:30 pm on the on the first and third Tuesday of each month, but are held only if an appeal has been submitted.  All hearings are held at 1900 SW 4th Avenue.

Currently, two positions are available within the following categories:

  • Public-At-Large; and
  • Urban Design, Architecture, or Landscape Architecture

We are looking to have the positions filled as soon as possible. Applications will be accepted on an open and continuous basis.

Applications should be submitted to the Office of Community and Civic Life (OCCL) with a cover letter or a resume describing the applicant’s interest, background and experience.  Anyone interested should contact the Office of Community and Civic Life at 503-823-4519 for the application form. The form may also be accessed through the Civic Life website.

For more information about the Adjustment Committee, contact Douglas Hardy with the Bureau of Development Services.

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