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City Seeking Input on the City of Portland Erosion Manual and Sediment Control Manual

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BDS, together with BES, wants your input on the City’s Erosion and Sediment Control Manual in preparation for an update to the manual.
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August 19, 2019
Contact: Emily Sandy, Emily.Sandy@portlandoregon.gov, 503-823-7828

City Seeking Input on the City of Portland Erosion and Sediment Control Manual

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The Bureau of Development Services (BDS), together with the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES), wants your input on the City’s Erosion and Sediment Control Manual in preparation for an update to the manual. Any interested party is invited to take a survey to help inform this project. The survey will close on Friday, September 20, 2019.


Why Does Erosion Control Matter?

Construction site erosion is a significant source of sediment and other pollutants. Accelerated erosion from constructions site without proper installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment control BMPs significantly impacts instream water quality; endangers aquatic species and habitat; and may cause damage to wetlands, private property, and public infrastructure.

Why Update the Erosion and Sediment Control Manual?

State and federal regulations under the Clean Water Act require the City to implement an erosion control program with enforceable regulatory mechanisms to prevent the transport of construction-related sediment and pollutants to waters of the state. The City of Portland adopted erosion control code Title 10 and the Erosion andSediment Control Manual to comply with the requirements to protect human health, the environment, and city infrastructure. The current manual has not been updated since 2008, and an update has been identified as a priority project to comply with state and federal regulations in a way that is clear, enforceable, and technically up-to-date.

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