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Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) Updates

Read news from BPS about the Residential Infill Project, HB2001 & SB534, the proposed amendment to increase deconstruction projects, the connected communities along division transit report, and the review of ezones in North Portland.
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The Residential Infill Project heads to City Council along with Better Housing by Design

The two projects are accompanied by an Anti-displacement Action Plan; together they create a Housing Opportunities Initiative for Commissioners to consider.

Diagram of ADU, duplex, triplex, and fourplex.

The Residential Infill Project was presented to City Council in early September as part of a broader Housing Opportunities Initiative (HOI), which includes the Better Housing by Design project (an update to multi-dwelling zones) and a new Anti-Displacement Action Plan effort.

Recently passed state bills effects on recommended draft

Residential Infill Project staff are analyzing two recently passed state bills to determine their effect on the Planning and Sustainability Commission’s Recommended Draft. HB2001 requires cities to allow for certain types of middle housing (duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and cottage clusters) in single-dwelling zones.

SB534 requires cities to allow houses on historically platted lots, subject to certain limits relating to infrastructure, natural resources, and land hazards. Staff will present the results of their research at the HOI briefing. They will also be presenting an initial framework for the Anti-Displacement Action Plan.

After the HOI work session, Council will begin moving Better Housing by Design forward, with a public hearing this fall. The Residential Infill Project will follow, with a vote expected in early 2020.

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Bureau of Planning and Sustainability statement on HB2001 and SB534

With the passage of HB2001 (middle housing) and SB534 (narrow lots) in the state legislature, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability begins to determine how the Residential Infill Project meets the bills' objectives.

Proposed amendment to deconstruction ordinance would increase deconstruction projects

City Council to consider raising the “year-built threshold” from 1916 to 1940; public comments welcome.

Building Healthy Connected Communities Along Division Transit report ready for public review

Community members invited to review proposed improvements to the Division Transit corridor, related actions, transportation proposals and policy recommendations.

Review of ezones in North Portland underway

Property owners in the Columbia Corridor and on Hayden Island talk with City planners about the Environmental Overlay Zone Map Correction Project at drop-in hours.