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Finding a Solution: Updates to Development Services' Path of Escalation

Feeling stuck? Need help getting answers about requirements for your project? As you may or may not know, there are many different regulations, requirements, policies or processes that can conflict depending on the type and complexity of a development project. Get help.

Escalation can be done in a number of days. Please let the City staff person you're working with know that you want the conflict elevated to the next level. If you feel uncomfortable requesting this of the City staff person you are working with, you can find the names and contact information here for the managers in the chain of command. We will do our best to assist in resolving the issue.

When conflict occurs, our staff is trained to work with their co-reviewers to seek a timely resolution to prevent any undue delay to your project.  

If there is a conflict, or a feeling that your project “got stuck,” you have options to reach a solution. If appropriate conflict resolution can’t be reached working with the reviewer, the issue/conflict should be escalated up the chain of command:

  • First to the Section Manager (as soon as possible). 
  • If the Section Manager cannot resolve the issue/conflict, the staff person will escalate the issue to the Division Manager.
  • If the Division Manager is unable to resolve the issue/conflict, the bureau Director is consulted.
  • If the bureau Director cannot resolve the conflict, the situation can be further escalated to involve the Commissioners-in-Charge of relevant bureaus. 

A formal process to Resolve Development Review Delays was developed in the early 2000s as part of the FY 2003-2004 Regulatory Improvement Work Plan. BDS is currently collaborating with other development-related bureaus to update bureau Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) to reflect the above changes in that policy.

As always, we appreciate your business! Thank you for your continued partnership.