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New Program from BDS: Remote Video Re-inspections (RVR)

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The Remote Inspection Program provides an alternative to on-site inspection for situations requiring minor corrections.

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Development Services is working to make simple construction re-inspections as efficient as possible for both customers and staff. The new remote video re-inspection program (RVR) provides an alternative to on-site inspection for situations requiring minor corrections.

Using Skype and a mobile device, you can connect with Development Services inspectors to complete simple re-inspections. We are currently piloting this project to ensure proper functionality before making remote video re-inspections available to all Development Services customers. 

Benefits of remote video re-inspection program

The Remote Video Re-Inspection Program has several benefits:

  • It saves you time.
  • It lets you schedule the video re-inspection for when it’s convenient for you.
  • It saves fuel and reduces emissions by reducing vehicle trips.

Watch our quick video tutorial to see just how easy a remote video re-inspection can be.

Type of re-inspections that qualify for the remote video re-inspection program

Small projects and repairs with five or fewer corrections qualify for this program. Here are a few examples of qualifying projects:

  • Building - Missing exterior house numbers, handrails, vent locations, ground floor shear
  • Electrical - Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors insulation and locations, nail plate production, range hood
  • Mechanical - Furnace, water heater, duct issues, range hood
  • Plumbing - Drain waste, vent, sealing of fixtures

How to participate in the remote video re-inspection program

To participate, customers must use the Skype application on a mobile device to interact with the City inspector. Download and Install Skype (NOT Skype for Business). You’ll need:

  • Mobile device (smartphone, iPad, or other tablet). Please be aware that older mobile devices or mobile devices with older operating systems and lower resolution cameras may not work properly with the RVR program.
  • Strong Wi-Fi connection or Reliable data service (4G/LTE internet). Wi-Fi connection is preferred. If you have a limited cell data plan your service provider may charge you for data used during the re-inspection.

Book an appointment for a remote video re-inspection

You can schedule an appointment online using AppointmentPlus. Chrome, Firefox and/or Safari are preferred browsers when using AppointmentPlus. Please note: Only customers who receive a remote video re-inspections brochure directly from a Development Services inspector are eligible for the Remote Video Re-Inspections pilot program at this time. 

For more information, visit our Remote Video Re-Inspection Program webpage.

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