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Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) Update


Sewer Connections: Permits Required for Sewer Connection and Repair

Sewer connection underground.
Trench in ground with sewer pipe being installed.

The Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) will no longer require additional sewer connection permits when you connect to existing sewer service laterals on property. If the sewer service lateral conforms with current City of Portland standard specifications and does not involve work in the public right of way, all that is required is a plumbing trade permit (“PT”), issued by Development Services (BDS). 

The following is a basic list of when sewer connection permits are required by BES in addition to Plumbing Trade permits: 

  • Repair to an existing sewer lateral under the sidewalk to the curb (Utility Repair “UR” permit)
  • Building a new sewer service lateral in the public right of way, main line tap, and/or installation of a manhole, tee, or wye at the main (Sewer Connection permit “UC”)
  • Correcting a nonconforming sewer or “party sewer”

BES sewer connection permits are issued at the Development Services Center Trade Permit Counter along with plumbing trade permits. BES staff are available to help you determine sewer service locations and research property connection records. For more information regarding sewer connection requirements and construction, please contact the Bureau of Environmental Services at 503-823-1026 or send emails to BES at the Trades Department.

If you are working to resolve a nonconforming or party sewer, please contact BES by email or call us at 503-823-7869.