Neighborhood Contact – New Online Tools

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Portland’s Neighborhood Contact requirements provide an opportunity for those who live, work or otherwise pass by a development site to learn about a project before the owner submits for permits or applies for a land use review.

In 2019, the Neighborhood Contact requirements were updated. Depending on the size of the project, the neighborhood contact process may involve:

  • Notifying the neighborhood association, district coalition, business association and school district of the project;
  • Posting a sign on the site; and
  • Holding a public meeting.

The applicant is also required to provide information electronically to the Bureau of Development Services.

The project information is included in an online portal that allows anyone to learn more about potential development projects and related meetings before a land use review or building permit is submitted.

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Applicants can provide their project information to the Bureau of Development Services for listing on the online portal and map.

Review a map detailing upcoming development projects that require Neighborhood Contact.

More detailed information about the Neighborhood Contact requirements can be found on the Neighborhood Contact Code Project page

Other information about the Neighborhood Contact requirement includes:

  • Neighborhood Contact Overview – this handout provides an explanation of when Neighborhood Contact is required, the components of the requirement, and submittal requirements.
  • Information for Applicants – this handout provides step by step information for applicants to follow when Neighborhood Contact is required.
  • Certification Statement – this form allows applicants to provide a signed statement certifying that certain Neighborhood Contact requirements related to timelines and public meeting note distribution were met.