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The Historic Landmarks Commission provides leadership and expertise on maintaining and enhancing Portland's historic and architectural heritage as assigned by PCC Title 33 or by City Council.
​​​​​​​Design advice requests (DAR) are a form of early assistance and a way to get feedback on early design concepts before a land use review. An applicant may request design advice from the Design Commission. You may also request design advice from the Historic Landmarks Commission.
Get helpful tips for presenting testimony at a public hearing.
Learn more about Portland's Historic Review process. Get the land use review application and the early assistance application. Read more about the six type of historic reviews and the land use type procedure used for each. Get the Certificate of Compliance and all other historic review forms.
A Land Division Review is required to divide an existing property to create additional lots, parcels or tracts. A land division may also be required to legalize a lot that was created outside of the legal process (such as through deed). Read more about land division reviews and final plat reviews.
In 2021, BDS advisory group meetings are being held online. When Development Services meetings are held in person again, these are the parking validation instructions and directions to the parking garage.
You need a pre-application conference for all Type III and IV land use reviews before submitting an application. Learn more about pre-application conferences and find out if you need one for your development project.

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