4/8/24 - Historic Landmarks Commission Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing
Regularly scheduled Historic Landmarks Commission Hearings are the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
1:30 pm 4:40 pm

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1. (1:30-1:45)

Items of Interest

2. (1:45-2:15)

BRIEFING - David Campbell Memorial Restoration

APPLICANT: Don Porth, David Campbell Memorial Association President | Portland Fire & Rescue (Retired)

CITY CONTACT: Staci Monroe, BDS, 503-865-6516 staci.monroe@portlandoregon.gov 

3. (2:25-3:05)

BRIEFING - Portland Urban Forest Plan

CITY CONTACT: Brian Landoe, Urban Forestry, Strategy & Planning Manager, 503-504-0836, brian.landoe@portlandoregon.gov

CITY CONTACT: Tanya Paglia, BDS/Bureau of Development Services, 503-865-6518, tanya.paglia@portlandoregon.gov

An Urban Forest Plan is a 10-year roadmap of goals, policies, actions, and priorities to guide City urban forestry management activities and decisions. Meant to:

  • Protect, preserve, restore, and expand Portland’s urban forest.
  • Develop and maintain support for the urban forest.
  • Manage the urban forest to maximize benefits to all residents.

Portland’s Urban Forest Plan was previously updated in 1995 and 2004.

4. (3:10-4:40)

BRIEFING – Interstate Bridge Replacement Project, Section 106 Informational Briefing

IBRP CONTACT: Hayli Reff, hayli.reff@interstatebridge.org

CITY CONTACT: Brandon Spencer-Hartle, BDS, Brandon.Spencer@portlandoregon.gov

CITY CONTACT: Patrick Sweeney, PBOT, Patrick.Sweeney@portlandoregon.gov

CITY CONTACT: Tim Heron, BDS, tim.heron@portlandoregon.gov

The Interstate Bridge Replacement Project [IBRP] Cultural Resources Team will review: Cultural Resources Portal Access, Key Steps in the Section 106 Process, Effects to Historic Built Environment Properties in Oregon, Mitigation for Historic Built Environment Properties, and next steps ahead.

Please Keep in mind

  • The agenda is subject to change.
  • Agenda items may be rescheduled.
  • Times are estimates only and agenda item times may change.
  • Projects are reviewed in the order listed with a 10 minute break between agenda items.
  • All continuances and reschedules are requested by the applicant, unless otherwise noted.

The Bureau of Development Services is committed to providing equal access to information and hearings.  To request an accommodation or alternative format of communication, please contact us no later than five business days prior to the hearing at 503-823-7300 (TTY 503-823-6868).  Note that Zoom automated captions are used for hearings and may not be as accurate as live captioning; A closed-caption transcript of the meeting may be requested by contacting the BDS Hearings Clerk at BDSHearingsClerk@portlandoregon.gov.