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8/8/22- Historic Landmarks Commission Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing
Regularly scheduled Historic Landmarks Commission Hearings are the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
1:30 pm 6:30 pm

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Items of Interest

2.  (1:35-3:05)

EA 22-151487 DA – Alterations to the existing N. Portland Branch of the Multco Public Library 


APPLICANT: Tyler Nishitani (Lever Architecture)

SITE: 512 N Killingsworth Street

CITY CONTACT: Art Graves, BDS, 503-865-6517

DAR for proposed renovations and modernizations to the North Portland Branch of the Multnomah County Public Library, a contributing resource in the Piedmont Conservation District. Alterations include a new Black Cultural Center at the south-east corner of the building (facing N Commercial Ave) and a new staff addition to be located at the south-west corner of the existing building. Both additions are proposed to be single story with a combined square footage of approximately 1,500 sf. The Black Cultural Center is proposed to be clad in dark brick, the staff addition in metal panel.

3. (3:15-4:45)

EA 22-153871 DA – Albina Library 

APPLICANT: Tyler Nishitani (Lever Architecture)

SITE: 205 NE Russell/216 NE Knott

CITY CONTACT: Hillary Adam, BDS, 503-823-8953

DAR for proposed renovations of the existing Albina Library, a Historic Landmark, at 216 NE Knott and construction of a new addition to include additional library and community space as well as administration space. The site is located within the Eliot Conservation District. The existing building at 205 NE Russell and the connecting warehouse building behind the historic library would be demolished and replaced with a new two-story building connected to the historic library by a one-story volume; exterior courtyards and surface parking are also proposed. A Modification request to increase maximum allowed vehicle area along NE Rodney Street is likely.

4. (4:55-5:30)

LU 21-072667 HR – 2239 NE 19th Avenue - CONTINUED FROM 7/14/22

APPELLANT: Maria Cohen

SITE: 2239 NE 19th Avenue

CITY CONTACT: Hannah Bryant, BDS, 503-865-6520

Type II Appeal of a Design Review/Historic Resource Review approval to strike a condition of approval requiring a 10-foot wide driveway as it crosses the street lot line. The applicant requests a 20-foot wide driveway at the property line. 

5. (5:40-6:15)

WORK SESSION - South Portland Historic District Design Guidelines

CITY CONTACT: Brandon Spencer-Hartle, BPS, 503-823-4641  

This is a work session on the Proposed Draft South Portland Historic District Design Guidelines. No public testimony will be taken.

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