File Naming Standards for ProjectDox


ePlans files are managed and sorted by filename and displayed in numeric – alphabetical order. It is important to follow the below naming standards throughout the life of your project.


  • File names should reflect the file’s content.
  • Limit the file name to 50 characters or fewer.
  • Do not upload more than 100 files at a time.
    • If you are uploading over 100 files, process the first 100 before starting the remaining files.
  • Use abbreviations when necessary.
  • Follow these rules when using special characters:
    • Okay to use: “.” (period), “&” (ampersand), and “ – “ (dashes).
    • NOT okay: any other special characters including but not limited to apostrophe's, commas, underscores, percentages, pound signs.
      • ProjectDox will not upload files with these special characters. You will receive an error message and have to change the file name before uploading again.

Required File Naming Format

Four data elements are required for acceptable file names:

  1. Three leading number
    • All files should be named according to the order listed on your provided title sheet, cover sheet or table of contents. This format ensures files display in a logical order. If you don’t have an index or cover, name plans files in the order you want them displayed.
    • Example: 001, 002, 003...010...100...
  2. First letter of discipline
    • Filenames should include the first character of the discipline area. All plans, including the associated details, should be submitted under the correct discipline area.
    • Example: “A” for Architectural, “S” for Structural.
  3. Sheet number
    • List sheet numbers with decimals or whole numbers.
  4. Description
    • A short description of the type of document or project.
    • Document examples: Coversheet, Preliminary Site Plans, Second Level Floor Plan Details.

Discipline Key

Filenames for drawings submitted through ePlans must include the first character of the discipline name. While the discipline name coincides with the first letter in most cases, there are exceptions such as equipment, contractor drawings and audio visual. Reference the tables below for the most common disciplines. Reference the tables below for the most common disciplines.

Civil (geotechnical, demolition, survey/mapping)C
Contractor & Shop DrawingsZ
Hazardous MaterialsH

For other disciplines, use letter(s) that best represent the drawing.

  • Example: Audio Visual - 001 AV01.04


Sheet Index File Naming Example
Sheet Index File Naming Example

First file is the cover sheet which is a general document: 001 G1 Cover Sheet

Second file is an erosion and sediment control plan: 002 L1 Control Plan

Third file is the preliminary site plan: 003 C1 Site Plan

Resubmissions & Revisions

Corrected files need to be re-submitted with the SAME EXACT FILE NAME as the original. Do NOT “version”, rename files, or add an extra (blank) space when uploading resubmitted files. ProjectDox will automatically version the file when the upload is complete.

If you are changing a file name using the built-in file renaming feature, please first contact Permitting Services. Then, be sure to add a note in the comment section of the eForm that a file name has been changed.

Inserting New Documents/Images Between Existing Pages

To upload a document or drawing between two files, start your file name with the preceding file prefix and include “.#”. Example: if you want to insert a file between 001 A Third Floor Plan and 002 C Grading Plan, start the file with 001.1 at the beginning. This ensures your new file will display between the two files.