File a Building Code Appeal and Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Code Appeals

File building code appeals, electrical code appeals, mechanical code and plumbing code appeals. This is a fee-based service that provides a formal response. You can request an alternative way to meet the intent of a code provision. You can also confirm an interpretation of building code language.
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Ask questions first

Consult with plan reviewers or inspectors before submitting an appeal. They can help identify code requirements and possible alternative solutions. You can also read more about the appeal process.

File building code, electrical, mechanical and plumbing code appeals

A complete appeal packet includes the appeal application, plans/supplemental information and the fee. Plans or supplemental information that cannot submitted online can be mailed.

Appeal Packets will be screened for completeness. Submittal of inaccurate or incomplete forms may cause a delay in hearing the appeal. Refer to “How to Write an Appeal and Fill Out an Application for an Appeal” for more information. Filing online is the preferred method for starting an appeal and will help avoid delays. 

The appeal packet must be submitted online by 9 a.m. Thursday, in order to be included at the following Wednesday's appeal meeting. 

Appeal System

Fee payment

After you submit an appeal, we will email you a payment slip with a link to the online payment system. This system can accept both checks and credit cards. 

Appeals fees 

The following fees must be submitted with your application:

  • Commercial appeals - $575
  • Residential appeals - $275
  • Commercial additional item fee - $140

Learn more about the appeals boards

  • Building Code Board of Appeals- The Building Code Board of Appeals hears appeals of building code issues which are appealed beyond the Administrative Appeals Board. 
  • Electrical Code Board of Appeals- The Electrical Code Board of Appeals hears appeals where an applicant is aggrieved by the findings of the Director.
  • Floating Structures Board of Appeals- The Floating Structures Board of Appeals assists in determining the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction, and provides for reasonable interpretation of the provision of Title 28.
  • Mechanical Code Board of Appeals- The Mechanical Board of Appeals determines the suitability of alternate materials and types of construction and provides for reasonable interpretations of the provisions of the Mechanical Code.
  • Plumbing Code Board of Appeals- The Plumbing Code Board of Appeals hears appeals of plumbing code issues which are appealed beyond the Administrative Appeals Board.