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Armoring Erosion Control Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Get information about erosion control best management practices (BMPS) like armoring. Learn more about reinforced soil retaining systems and gabions and how they are used to prevent erosion.

Erosion control best management practices are required during all ground disturbing activity until permanent site ground covers are in place. A best management practice (BMP) is a physical, chemical, structural or managerial practice that prevents, reduces or treats contamination of water or which prevents or reduces soil erosion.

Armoring BMPs are included in this manual for the instances when using structures or hardscape materials are the only measures that will withstand high site flows. Many of these armoring systems can be installed with a large vegetative component that will provide additional environmental and erosion control benefits. Armoring BMPs are usually permanent measures.

Armoring best management practices for erosion control

Reinforced soil retaining systems

  • Reinforced soil retaining systems are a mixture of permanent BMPs including hinged block, grid containment and articulated systems. These products are usually pre-formed structural systems that are laid atop soils and then backfilled with a variety of materials—usually concrete, soil, sand or planted with vegetation.
  • Provide permanent slope stabilization or armoring
  • Protect high flow system channels or outfall locations

Gabions and erosion prevention 

  • Gabions are wire mesh baskets or bags used for semi-permanent slope protection and stabilization. These rock filled devices are pervious, semi flexible building blocks that can be used as retaining walls for structure to support all types of vegetation.
  • Provide permanent slope stabilization or armoring
  • To act as a check dam providing energy dissipation and sedimentation