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Repairing property damage from January 2024 storms

Recent snow and ice storms caused damage to many structures throughout Portland. Here is information to help speed up the permitting process for these repairs.

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Urban Forestry and the Case of the Moving Tree

Urban Forestry Implements sections of City Code Title 11, the Tree Code.

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Additional sinks now allowed in detached structures

The Bureau of Development Services rescinded its Additional Sink Covenant Code Guide and its policy of requiring covenants for additional sinks in detached structures as part of planning and zoning review.

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Planning a project? Do this first: Find your zoning using Portland Maps

Thinking about building an accessory dwelling unit? Got an exterior project in mind? It’s important to find out what zoning rules apply to your property. Even if your project does not require a building permit, you will still need to follow zoning requirements.

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Updates to commercial energy efficiency submittal requirements

In response to new energy efficiency requirements within the 2021 Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code, the Bureau of Development Services requires additional information as part of each commercial building permit application for new construction or addition to conditioned space.

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Have questions about development permits and zoning? Schedule a free 15-minute virtual appointment with an expert

A new service offered by the Bureau of Development Services and other permitting bureaus provides free 15-minute virtual appointments with planners, reviewers and permit staff to answer basic questions about development projects.

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