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About the Development Review Advisory Committee

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The Development Review Advisory Committee (DRAC) is a citizen advisory body, representing those with interests in the outcome of policies, budgets, regulations, and procedures that affect development review processes.

The purpose of the Development Review Advisory Committee (DRAC)

The purpose of the Committee is to foster a timely, predictable and accountable development review process that implements the City's goals for land use, transportation, housing, economic development, neighborhood livability and the environment. The Committee advocates for and supports consistent and fair application and implementation of regulations.

The Bureau of Development Services (BDS) promotes safety, livability, and economic vitality through the efficient and collaborative application of building and development codes.

Providing public input into development review 

The Committee provides public input into the development review process by:

  1. Providing leadership and expertise on issues affecting development;
  2. Providing feedback to Bureaus, Review Bodies, and City Council on the impact of potential regulations and administrative rules on the development review process, taking into consideration the full range of City goals and objectives;
  3. Providing recommendations for regulatory, code, and administrative rule changes affecting the development review process; 
  4. Monitoring the application and enforcement of regulations for their effectiveness in achieving the City's development goals; 
  5. Recommending customer service, permitting, process, and compliance improvements to Bureaus, Review Bodies, and/or City Council;
  6. Serving as an advisory board to Development Review Directors and Bureaus on development review processes and procedures;
  7. Providing input to ensure budgets of development review agencies are adequate to meet service goals and desired system outcomes.

DRAC members

There are 17 members of the DRAC, serving up to (2) three-year terms. Current member categories are:

  1. Citywide Neighborhood Interests
  2. Design Professionals
  3. Environmental Conservation and Green Building
  4. Frequently Development Review Customers
  5. Historic Preservation
  6. Home Builders
  7. Home Remodelers
  8. Land Use Planning Professions
  9. Large Construction Contractors
  10. Large Developers
  11. Low-Income Housing Developers
  12. Major Facilities Landowners
  13. Minority Construction Contractor and Development Professionals
  14. Neighborhood Coalition Land Use Committees
  15. Planning and Sustainability Commission, (designated by Planning Commission President, and serves as an ex officio member of the Committee)
  16. Public Works Permit Customers
  17. Small Business