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Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Work and Permit Types

Learn more about trade permits. Find out if you need a permit to add a bathroom, replace plumbing fixtures or add water lines. Learn more about replacing a furnace permits. Get information about permits to add an outlet or an air conditioner and more.

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Learn more about permits needed for electrical, mechanical and plumbing work. Find out if you need permits and what kind of permits you need. 

You need an electrical permit for these projects

  • Add an outlet   
  • Air conditioner (you also need a mechanical permit for this project)
  • Replace a service panel

You need a mechanical permit for these projects

  • Air conditioner  (you also need an electrical permit for this project)
  • Decommission oil tank- If you have a residential property, call the Fire Marshal at (503) 823-3934. If you have a commercial property, call the Fire Marshal at (503) 823-3712 for permit requirements. You can also contact the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) or call  them (800) 452-4011.
  • Replace a furnace       

You need a plumbing permit for these projects

  • Add a bathroom to a house. You'll also need a building permit and an electrical permit for this project. 
  • Replace plumbing fixtures in same location        
  • Replace water lines   

If you plan to decommission septic tank or cesspool, you'll need a septic evaluation permit. This is also included with a building permit. 

Installing a water meter is included in the building permit. Call (503) 823-1526 when marked and ready for installation.

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The related webpages have more information about specific permit types and the permit review process. 

In addition, here are the building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and zoning permit applications: