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Find Out if You Need a Permit for These Specific Projects

Find out if you need a permit for your home business. Learn more about changing occupancy permits. Get information about banner permits, sign permits, flagpole permits, circus tent permits and cafe permits and find out if you need a permit today.
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Learn more about permits needed for some different types of projects. Find out if you need permits and what kind of permits you need. 

Any work in the public right of way       

Any work in the public right-of-way requires a permit. Or, this work may be allowed by code if the conditions are met under the authority of Transportation. Contact Transportation (503) 823-5185.

Change of occupancy 

A change of occupancy requires a building permit.


Flagpoles require a building permit. 

Home business permits 

  • Home Occupation - Type A. Doesn't require a permit. Allows residents to use their home as place of work, but no customers or employees come to the house.
  • Home Occupation - Type B. Requires a Home Occupation Permit. Allows either one employee who does not live in the home or up to 8 customers per day to come to the dwelling.

Meter hoods   

Transportation issues these permits. Call them at (503) 823-7002.

Noise: Make noise beyond allowed standards   

A noise permit is required if you plan to make noise above the allowed decibels and/or during non-construction hours/day. Read more about allowed construction hours.

Parking permits

Transportation issues these permits. Call them at (503) 823-7002.

Sidewalk cafes and street pole banners 

  • Sidewalk café seating. Transportation issues these permits. Call them at (503) 823-7002 Option 5.
  • Banners hung from street poles. Transportation issues these permits. Call them at (503) 823-5292.

Signs, A-boards and banners     

Tents and building permits 

  • Circus tents require a building permit. 
  • For other tents, call the Fire Marshal at (503) 823-3700 for permit information.
  • Contact Planning & Zoning to find out if a Zoning Permit is needed.

Start a new permit application

The related webpages have more information about specific permit types and the permit review process. 

In addition, here are the building permit application, the home occupation permit application and the sign permit application: 

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