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Inspections Happen After You Get Your Permit

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The fifth step in this guide to getting a permit in the City of Portland is getting an inspection. Learn more about how inspections work and what to expect during the inspections process.

Inspections process 

An overview of how inspections work:

  1. You'll get an inspection card with your issued permit.
  2. The inspection card has information on the inspections your project needs. 
  3. The inspection card also has the IVR number needed to schedule inspections.
  4. A City inspector will visit and look at the work.  
  5. When all of your inspections are approved, you need to call for a “999 Final” inspection.
  6. Once the final inspection is approved, your permit is "Final." This means the work is completed and approved. 

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Inspectors may ask you for revisions 

If you did the work differently than what was on the plans, the inspector may ask for a revision. You need to submit the plans with the changes for review again. The reviewers will check that the changes also meet the code. Revisions go through the same permit review and inspection process.

Steps for getting a permit in the City of Portland 

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