5/2/24 - Design Commission Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing
Regularly scheduled Design Commission Hearings are the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.
1:30 pm 5:00 pm



1. (1:30-1:35)

Items of Interest

2. (1:35-3:05)

 LU 24-014201 DZ, DCHA– OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital Addition

APPLICANT: Kristina Thomsen, ZGF Architects LLP

CITY CONTACT: Grace Jeffreys, BDS, 503-865-6521 grace.jeffreys@portlandoregon.gov

Proposal is for a new approximately 180,000 square foot building to serve as an addition to the existing Doernbecher Children's Hospital, in the Marquam Hill Plan District. Set into a steep hillside, the new building will connect to the existing building at the Level 3 main entry off SW Lower Canyon Drive (a private drive) and via a foot bridge at Level 8. Level 7 is a mechanical floor and Levels 8-11 will serve as patient care and support. The north façade along SW Lower Canyon Drive features improvements to the existing patient-facing entry lobby, drop-off sequence and surface parking area. The south façade along US Veterans Hospital Road features a new pedestrian plaza and a new long-term bike parking structure.

3. (3:15-4:45)

EA 24-029290 DA - 901 NE Lloyd Center, Multi-Purpose Event Center

APPLICANT: Boris Kratzenberg, Works Progress Architecture, boris@worksarchitecture.net

CITY CONTACT: Tim Heron, BDS, 503-823-7726, tim.heron@portlandoregon.gov 

SITE: 901 NE Lloyd Center

Design Advice Request for a new 67,000 SF 2-story Multi-Purpose Event Center at the Lloyd Center.  The proposal includes demolishing the former Nordstrom building and removing the NE 9th Avenue skybridge.  The proposed building includes a main event space, loading, lobbies, a second-floor mezzanine that overlooks the main event space on the ground level, and will preserve the public plaza adjacent to NE Multnomah Street and the existing basement of the current structure for storage and back of house support areas.   Modifications to the Required Building Line & Ground Floor Windows standards may be requested.

Please Keep in mind

  • The agenda is subject to change.
  • Agenda items may be rescheduled.
  • Times are estimates only and agenda item times may change.
  • Projects are reviewed in the order listed with a 10 minute break between agenda items.
  • All continuances and reschedules are requested by the applicant, unless otherwise noted.

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