12/2/21 - Design Commission Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing
Regularly scheduled Design Commission Hearings are the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.
1:30 pm 2:30 pm

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Items of Interest 

2.  (1:35-2:35)

LU 21-012886 DZM GW – Oregon Public Broadcasting Non-Conforming Upgrades   - CONTINUED FROM 11/4/21 - CLOSED TO TESTIMONY

The record was requested to be held open per ORS 197.763, therefore the following deadlines apply:

  • 11/12 @ 5pm: deadline for new evidence
  • 11/19 @ 5pm: deadline for responses to new evidence
  • 11/29 @ 5pm: deadline for applicant final rebuttal [may be waived by applicant]

Any new information provided will be posted to the link above.  The hearing will begin with the record closed, no Public Testimony is allowed.

APPLICANT: Kyle Davis, Facilities Manager

SITE: 7140 S. Macadam Ave.

CITY CONTACT: Hannah Bryant, BDS, 503-865-6520 Hannah.Bryant@portlandoregon.gov

Type III Design Review with Modifications and Greenway Review to address a 1987 Condition of Approval for perimeter landscaping for which the applicant requests a Modification. Exterior site improvements are limited to those required by a non-conforming upgrade covenant. While the scope of the work would typically be reviewed through a staff-level review, the requested Modification to a city council condition of approval necessitates a Type III review. 

LU 21-053731 CCMS - RiverPlace Central City Master Plan-  THIS CASE HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO 1/20/22 FROM CONTINUED HEARING ON 10/21/21  

APPLICANT: Agustin Enriquez V, GBD Architects Incorporated

SITE: 0150, 0308-0320 SW Montgomery Street

CITY CONTACT: Grace Jeffreys, BDS, 503-865-6521  Grace.Jeffreys@portlandoregon.gov

Type III Central City Master Plan Review for an approximately 8-acre site located in the Downtown Subdistrict of the Central City Plan District. The Central City Master Plan will establish the framework for future development proposals within the Master Plan boundary (S Montgomery Street, S Harbor Way/ Moody Avenue Trail, S River Parkway, S River Drive). The site will ultimately be home to approximately 3 million square feet of new commercial, employment, and residential development, as well as 70,000 square feet of new open space.

Please Keep in mind

  • The agenda is subject to change.

  • Agenda items may be rescheduled.

  • Times are estimates only and agenda item times may change.

  • Projects are reviewed in the order listed with a 10 minute break between agenda items.

  • All continuances and reschedules are requested by the applicant, unless otherwise noted.

The Bureau of Development Services is committed to providing equal access to information and hearings.  To request an accommodation or alternative format of communication, please contact us no later than five business days prior to the hearing at 503-823-7300 (TTY 503-823-6868).  Note that Zoom automated captions are used for hearings and may not be as accurate as live captioning.  A closed-caption transcript of the meeting may be requested by contacting the BDS Hearings Clerk at BDSHearingsClerk@portlandoregon.gov.