11/4/21 - Design Commission Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing
1:30 pm 5:45 pm

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1.  (1:30-1:35) 

Items of Interest

2.  (1:35-3:05)

EA 21-088853 DA – Sandy Pine

APPLICANT: Jonathan Heppner | Lever Architecture

SITE: 900 SE Sandy

CITY CONTACT: Staci Monroe, BDS, 503-865-6516 Staci.monroe@portlandoregon.gov

Design Advice Request for a proposed 12-story CLT mass timber building providing up to 275 residential units on the upper tower with retail and live/work units on the ground floor and 2 trays of below-grade parking. 

3.  (3:15-4:30)

LU 21-012886 DZM GW – Oregon Public Broadcasting Non-Conforming Upgrades  


APPLICANT: Kyle Davis, Facilities Manager

SITE: 7140 S. Macadam Ave.

CITY CONTACT: Hannah Bryant, BDS, 503-865-6520 Hannah.Bryant@portlandoregon.gov

Type III Design Review with Modifications and Greenway Review to address a 1987 Condition of Approval for perimeter landscaping for which the applicant requests a Modification. Exterior site improvements are limited to those required by a non-conforming upgrade covenant. While the scope of the work would typically be reviewed through a staff-level review, the requested Modification to a city council condition of approval necessitates a Type III review. 

4.  (4:40-5:40)

LU 21-061842 DZM HR - 550 MLK Housing CONTINUED FROM 10/21/21

APPLICANT: Marcus Lima, GBD Architects

SITE: 550 SE MLK Housing

CITY CONTACT: Megan Sita Walker, BDS, 503-865-6515 MeganSita.Walker@portlandoregon.gov 

Type III Design Review with a Type II Historic Resource Review for a proposed new half block, 7-story "5-over-2" mixed-use building in the Central Eastside Subdistrict of the Central City Plan District. Ground-level uses include commercial retail spaces, residential amenities, parking with approximately 60 parking stalls, and approximately 132 residential dwelling units of varying sizes at levels 2-7. The Type II Historic Resource Review is required as a small portion of the east building wall is within the East Portland/ Grand Avenue Historic District. Two Modifications are requested to reduce the required depth of active uses on SE MLK (33.510.225) and to reduce Ground Floor Window area coverage and length requirements on SE Washington (33.510.220 and 33.140.230.B). A DAR for this proposal was held on January 7, 2021 (EA 20-219065 DA). 

WORK SESSION - West Portland Town Center Character Statement   - CONTINUTED AND RESCHEDULED TO 12/9/21


CITY CONTACT:  Joan Frederiksen, BPS, (503) 823-3111 Joan.Frederiksen@portlandoregon.gov

CITY CONTACT: Cassie Ballew, BPS, (503) 823-7252  Cassandra.Ballew@portlandoregon.gov

CITY CONTACT: Benjamin Nielsen, BDS, (503) 865-6519  Benjamin.Nielsen@portlandoregon.gov

Design Commission work session continuing the 9/28/2021 joint Planning & Sustainability Commission/Design Commission hearing on the Character Statement portion of the West Portland Town Center Plan. No testimony will be taken at this work session.

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